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AITCHISON, Alexander to Main Staff Index
"Scratcher" Aitchison
born: 14-May-1906 (South Shields)
died: cNov-1976

joined: 11-Sep-1941 (South Shields High School for Boys)
left: 30-Dec-1959 (Head, Redwell Co Sec School)

"Scratcher" Aitchison was born on 14th May, 1906, to parents Alexander and Catherine Aitchson (both school teachers) from Eyemouth, in Berwickshire.

At the age of 5, he attended Mortimer Road Elementary School, moving to Westoe Secondary School in 1918. He went straight to Hatfield College, Durham, where in 1928 he gained his BSc (Hons) in Physics and Geology (with Mathematics as a subsidiary subject). Following a further year there to gain his Board of Education Certificate, he joined the staff of Stanhope Road Senior Boys' School in 1929.

He then joined the Westoe Central Boys' School in 1933, and in January, 1941, moved to the Westoe Senior Boys' School. At the end of that school year, he joined the South Shields High School for Boys.

He was appointed as Headmaster at Redwell County Secondary School from 1st January, 1960.

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