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BROWN, Robert to Main Staff Index
born: 4-Jun-1916

joined: 16-May-1949 (South Shields High School for Boys)
left: 27-Jul-1956 (Cleadon Park Sec Mod School)

Robert Brown's early schooling was at St John's Infant & Junior School in South Shields from April 1921. he transferred from there in February, 1927, to the Grange Boys' School in Jarrow, where he stayed until the end of the school year. In September, 1927, he went to Jarrow Central School, but moved back to South Shields and the South Shields Central School from January, 1928, to july, 1932.

It was 16 years later, in 1948, that he went on to further education, when he attended Freckleton Training College, near Preston. This was for a one-year course to get his teacher's certificate.

Armed with this, he joined the staff of the South Shields High School for Boys, where he stayed until he left in July, 1956 to take up a position at the Cleadon Park Secondary Modern School.

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