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CONSTABLE, Charles to Main Staff Index
born: 30-Nov-1904
died: cFeb-1997 (Bedford)
joined: 19-Oct-1930 (Westoe Secondary School)
left: Jul-1967 (semi-retirement)
left: Jul-1970 (retirement)

Charlie Constable's secondary education was at the High Pavement School in Nottingham, which he left in 1922 to go to Nottingham University for three years. During his time at Nottingham, he took an external degree with London University, gaining a 1st Class Honours BA in History in 1924.

When he left Nottingham, with his Board of Education Teaching Certificate, he took up a couple of short teaching appointments - one year (1925/6) at Barnley Road School, Newark and one year (1926/7) at Corinth College, Cheltenham.

He went back to university at Trinity College, Cambridge, and emerged after a year, with his Cambridge Secondary Diploma. He then took up a post at the Central Selective School, Worksop, between January 1929 and October 1930, before joining the Westoe Secondary School, where he stayed through the move to Harton and through to his semi-retirement at the end of the 1966/7 school year.

But Charlie Constable didn't go away. He came back as a part-time teacher for a further three years until he finally retired in July, 1970.

Apart from his consumate skills as a teacher of History, he is perhaps best known as a very close friend of Fred Grey, and they were frequently seen walking to school together.

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