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ELLIS, Horace Arthur to Main Staff Index
"Tarzan" Ellis in 1925
"Tarzan" Ellis - May, 1955
born: 24-Aug-1897 (Frizinghall, Bradford)
died: cJan-1978 (Sheffield)

joined: 6-Jun-1922
left: Jul-1962 (retired)

"Tarzan" Ellis was born in Frizinghall, near Bradford, and his secondary education was at Salt School, in Shipley, Yorkshire from 1906 to 1914.

At the age of 17 he went to Hatfield College, the second oldest college of Durham University. There was a three year gap in his time there (1916-1919, possibly while he was on War Service), and in 1920 he left with a BA(Hons) in Mathematics.

His first teaching job was at the private Tynemouth School, and he joined the Boys' High School in June, 1922. He transferred to the new school in Harton in 1936 as Senior Mathematics master, and on 1st May, 1948, he was appointed Deputy Headmaster.

During his 40-year stay in South Shields he was involved with several outside interests, including secretaryship of the St Thomas's Parochial Church Council. He was also active in the National Savings movement, and represented both the Boys' and Girls' schools on the town's Savings Committee, as well as running the savings scheme at the Boys' school (later taken over by Arnold Josephs).

Alf Headley wrote of him:

It was in September, 1932, at the Mowbray Road High School that I first met Mr Ellis. In those days he was tall and slim, with jet black hair, dressed - surely for the first time in the history of South Shields - in the crewcut style ... He had laughing eyes and a wide grin. He was quite the best "Mixer" I have ever met and at High School Coffee Suppers and Sports Days he moved round easily and happil amongst the formidable assemblage dispensing urbanity and charm. Those far away Coffee Suppers must also recall for many his annual rendering of "Uncle Podger", which his audience used to know so well that it could prompt him though his numerous lapses ... To us he was "Arthur", to the boys, "Tarzan", I believe ...His hair went from black to grey to white, but his impish humour remained the same ... Certainly he slowed down in his last year or so ... but it is good to know that he has already shown indisputable evidence that he has found a new zest in retirement.

Arthue Ellis retired at the end of August, 1962, when he moved to Sheffield, where he died early in 1978.

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