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GRAYSHAM, Leonard to Main Staff Index
born: 3-Dec-1884

joined: 1-Oct-1920 (Westoe Secondary School)
left: 31-Aug-1944 (retired)

"Fungo" Graysham was educated at the Rochdale Central Higher Grade School, which he left at the age of 14 to go to the Rochdale Pupil Teaching Centre.

He went to Liverpool University in 1903, where he studied Mathematics (and Physics as a subsidiary subject), leaving in 1906 with his BSc and his Board of Education Certificate.

He first taught at Rochdale Baillie Street Council School, an elementary school, but he was there only a year when he accepted a post at the Penistone Grammar School, in Yorkshire. In 1910, he moved to the Clay Cross County School in Derbyshire, and then the Tanfield Lea Higher Elementary School and Pupil Teaching Centre, Stanley, County Durham, on its first opening in 1912. The school was renamed Alderman Wood School in 1919, when it was given grammar school status.

Graysham joined the Westoe Secondary School in 1920, where he stayed through the transfer to Harton, and he retired from there in 1944 - and I'd love to know where his nickname of "Fungo" came from.

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