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JACKAMAN, James Norman to Main Staff Index
Jackaman - May, 1955

born: 19-Sep-1903
died: cJan-1981

joined: 1-Mar-1947 (South Shields High School)
left: 31-Jul-1964 (retired)

James Jackaman started his education in 1908 at Craghead Council School. In 1910, he went to Croft Terrace County School (Jarrow), and then to Bede Burn County School in 1911, Jarrow Higher Grade School in 1915 and finally, Jarrow County Secondary School in 1917.

When he left school in 1921, he spent a year as a student teacher at Dunn Street School in Jarrow, following which he went to Bede College, Durham for two years, emerging with his Board of Education Certificate.

His first qualified teaching post was at Chirton School in North Shields, from August 1924 to January 1941. During this time he gained the National Society of Art Masters School Drawing Certificate (1937).

After this, he moved to the Ralph Gardner Senior Boys School in North Shields, and in October 1945 (having just gained his Diploma in School Music of the Royal College of Music) he started at the Bedewell Church of England Secondary School in Eastbourne.

He left the school in Eastbourne, and moved back up north to start at the South Shields High School in March, 1947, where he remained until his retirement in 1964.

Jackaman was an unassuming music teacher, with a great passion for the subject. He quietly nurtured those with musical talent and, although his was something of a Cinderella department, Jackaman made it play its part in the life of the school.

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