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PETTY, John Darneley to Main Staff Index
"Pa" Petty in 1925
born: 21-Nov-1886
died: cMay-1977

joined: 1-Sep-1923 (South Shields High School)
left: 31-Aug-1947 (Girls' High School, part time)

"Pa" Petty's secondary education started in January, 1894, at the Eton House School, a private school in Hull, following which he gained his BA in Latin, Greek, English and Philosophy at London University in 1907.

He took his first teaching job at the Penistone Grammar School from January 1909 to April 1910. He later taught at King's School, Pontefract (Sept 1912 - July 1914), Goole Secondary School (Sept 1914 - Nov 1914), Moulton Grammar School, Spalding (May 1920 - Jul 1923) at which point he joined the South Shields High School in September, 1923, transferring to Harton in 1936.

He apparently gained a second degree (a BSc in Physics and Mathematics) from Manchester, in 1921, and he also went to Owen's College, Manchester from 1910 to 1912 (1921 was the end date, but that is crossed out). He attended Manchester University's Education Department from 1911-1912, gained a Diploma from Manchester University in 1921, as well as his Board of Education Certificate in 1921. The dates here are inconsistent with the other dates in his school records, and I suspect that the "1921" should have read "1912" throughout.

"Pa" Petty (sometimes known as "Jimmy Dooty") took semi-retirement in August, 1947, when he joined the Girls' High School as a part-time teacher.

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