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PILBIN, John to Main Staff Index
John Pilbin at the time of his retirement
born: 20-Nov-1879
died: 10-Dec-1937

joined: 14-Sep-1920 (Westoe Seconday School)
left: 10-Dec-1937 (died)

John Pilbin's senior education was at the Union British Board School, in South Shields, from 1895 to 1899, after which he went to the Education Department at Armstrong College, Durham University. Here, from 1899 to 1901, he gained his Board of Education Certificate. Staying at Armstrong, he went on to study Mathematics (with Geography as a subsidiary subject) and left in 1904 with his BSc.

His first teaching post was a year at Laygate Lane Junior School then, in 1902, he went to St Stephen's Council School. for three years, followed by St John's Council School for the next 15 years following which he was appointed to Westoe Secondary School as Senior Mathematics Master, on 14th September, 1920.

He transferred to the new school at Harton in 1936 but, after only a year there, on 10th December, 1937, he passed away.

His obituary in the ATOM of April, 1938, records:

He was a kindly, gentle man, who worked in a most conscientious manner, and he was a true and loyal colleague. He was deeply religious and held high ideals and he carried these thoughts into all his actions and his work.

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