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SEAWORD, Leslie to Main Staff Index
born: 2-Nov-1915
died: c16-Dec-1975

joined: 1-Sep-1945 (South Shields High School for Boys)
left: Dec-1967 (Career Break)

Les Seaword's education started at the South Gosforth Council School in 1921. He moved on to the Gosforth Secondary School in 1926, leaving in 1933 to go to Armstrong College, Newcastle.

He studied Geography as his main subject, with History, Economics and German as subsidiaries. Although he gained his BA (Hons) in June, 1936, and his Diploma in the Theory and Practice of Teaching in June, 1937, he was later to return to his studies to complete his MA in June, 1949.

His first teaching was as a supply teacher, six months of which were spent at Gosforth Senior Boys' School. However, his first permanent post was at Choppington Junior School from November, 1938, and then in September 1945 he joined the South Shields High School for Boys.

Although Les Seaword was a geography teacher, his main claim to fame was with the school's dramatic activities. He produced many school plays until his departure in December, 1967, when he left the school. According to Bill Egner's comment on the staff record, Les Seaword went "to spend a little time travelling and the re-enter education" - but I can find no record of his having done so.

He died at the early age of 60. The school log book for 16th December 1975 records his death, although it's unclear if that is the date of his death, or the date that the Head was made aware of it.

Occasionally, his name is spelt Seaward, but he completed his staff register sheet with the spelling Seaword.

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