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Jock Thomson c1968
born: 17-Jul-1911

joined: Sep-1960 (SSGTSFB)
left: ?

"Jock" Thomson was undoubtedly one of the more eccentric characters of the Grammar School in the 60s, and is described variously as being "extremely volatile" or having "with a wicked temper" or "most forthright".

He was a broad Glaswegian, attending Whitehill Secondary School in the east end of Glasgow, which he left in 1928. He gained entry to Glasgow University in 1930, and later started on a 7-year theological course, which included 3 years at the methodist Hartley Victoria College, in Manchester, and 4 years of extra mural studies.

He gained his Ministry of Education Certificate at the Alsager TrainingCollege, Cheshire, in 1949. What he did next is not recorded in his staff record but in 1960 he gained his Bachelor of Divinity at London University.

In September of that year he joined the staff of the South Shields Grammar-Technical School for Boys in September, 1960, teaching Religious Instruction and, later in his career, "logic".

He played the bagpipes, and on more than one occasion did he regale his RE class with the techniques of "silently" playing the bagpipes on his chanter.

But describing Jock Thomson as "eccentric" perhaps conjurs up an image of someone quirky but kindly and fair. He was certainly quirky! However, his anger could be readily sparked and he bore his grudges with some ferocity. .

Some who encountered Jock Thomson recall him as a "lovable rogue", and it's true that he could be very entertaining, but there are many for whom the experience was less than pleasant.

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