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WESENCRAFT, Frederick Percival to Main Staff Index
born: 25-Aug-1902
died: cMay-1989 (South Shields)

joined: 8-Oct-1924 (South Shields High School)
left: 31-Dec-1950 (Senior Assistant, Mortimer Co Secondary)

Fred Wesencraft, better known to most as "Spuggy", attended the South Shields High School from 1915 to 1918, following which he went to Armstrong College, Durham University, where he studied Chemistry and Physics, with Geology as a subsidiary subject.

In 1924, armed with his BSc and a Durham University Teaching Diploma he returned to the South Shields High School as a teacher on 8th October, 1924.

He transferred to the new school in 1936, where he was the Senior Instructor, Physical Education. At the end of 1950 he left to take up a post as "Senior Assistant Master" at Mortimer County Secondary School, although he continued to lead the High School Scout Troop.

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