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GOWANS, Francis Jollie
  Staff Surgeon (Royal Navy)
  Survived the war
  Awards: King George V Silver Jubilee Medal, King George VI Coronation Medal

20-Jan-1890 (SSHS)


Francis Jollie Gowans was the son of Scottish-born South Shields doctor, William Gowans, and his wife, Mary Florence. He was also grandson of Henry Nelson, Mayor of South Shields.

He was one of six sons, all of whom served in the war, but only the youngest three (Thomas, Francis Jollie himself and John Hallibuton) attended the High School.

On leaving school, Francis went to Durham College of Medicine, and five years later, from 23-Nov-1903) was a doctor at the Naval Hospital in Plymouth

As he gained experience, on 23-Nov-1911 he found himself promoted to Staff Surgeon at the Naval Hospital Haslar, in Gosport.

As Staff Surgeon he served on the Queen Mary from 4-Sep-1913.

On 1-Mar-1917 he was promoted to Surgeon Commander.

After the war he continued to serve in the Navy, rising to Surgeon Captain in 1925.

In 1935, as Surgeon Commander, he was awarded the King George V Silver Jubilee Medal, and in 1937 he was awarded the King George VI Coronation Medal.

In 1939, he was promoted to Surgeon Rear-Admiral, the highest rank possible without being Director General.

Towards the end of his life, he lived in Newton Abbot, Devonshire, and died on 16-Apr-1952 in the Royal Naval Hospital in Plymouth, the very place where he started his medical career.

Known Addresses
1881: 1 Victoria Street
1890: Westoe
1891: Westoe Village
1901: Westoe Village
1904: Royal Hospital, Plymouth
1911: Westoe Village
1914: HMS Queen Mary
1952: 5 Highweek Village, Newton Abbot
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