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Harton School on-line

March 17th, 2003

While Harton School has had a Web presence for some time (which I discovered a year or so ago), it wasn't being kept up-to-date, and was very much an in-house affair. Several students even wrote to me that they were ashamed of what was there!

In this day and age, many schools do have a Web presence providing every-day information for parents, students and staff, and I'm pleased to say that as of 11am today (March 17th, 2003), Harton School has now gone on-line with a professionally designed Web site.

Designed by Urban River, a South Shields based company, and launched by DJ Wayne of Metro Radio, the site is an excellent indication of just what the school is doing today. From the School Calendar to School Newsletters ... from curriculum guides to contact details ... from school uniform to a full staff list ... the site is fairly comprehensive, and I look forward to its continuing success.

Clearly, the role of the school's site is rather different to this site, but I hope that over time there will be something of a symbiotic relationship between us - even if it's only providing links between the two sites.

If you have any interest in what the school is up to today (and it's doing a lot!) then I really do recommend taking a look at the site at This links to an EXTERNAL site which is completely independent of this site(this URL was updated in mid-2004)

indicates an external site, and over which I have no control
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