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Former old boy and teacher, Dave Parnaby, dies aged 56

1st June 2004

Dave Parnaby was both a pupil of the South Shields Grammar-Technical School for Boys, and later as a PE teacher. Born in April, 1948, he joined the school from Mortimer Road in 1959. He was a keen sportsman, and he quickly found a place on the Under-13 soccer team. A year later he found a place on the town's newly formed Under-14 boys team and, while he continued to play for the town's schoolboys' team, he also rose to be the captain of the school's First-XI for the 1965/6 season.

When he wasn't playing soccer, the lanky lad was playing cricket and it is as a cricketer that he is perhaps best remembered playing for the South Shields First-XI, and as captain of the school team.

He left the school in July 1966 and went to St John's College of Education, York, and in July 1969 he gained his Certificate of Education. With this, he returned to his old school as a PE teacher. He left in 1972 and by around 1987 had been appointed headmaster of Stanhope Junior School.

During his teaching career he continued to play cricket. He played for Whitburn, Reyrolle, Blaydon and Felling (some of this time as a professional), and he returned to Westoe Cricket Club in 1987 where he gained the reputation of being one of the league's finest bowlers.

Through ill health, Dave Parnaby retired in 2001 as headmaster of Stanhope, but continued to serve the community as a JP.

He died on 1st June, 2004, leaving his wife, Lynne, and their two children (Daniel, 13, and Kate, 10) and two sons from a previous marriage.

He will be remembered as a popular teacher and headmaster, a magistrate and a talented cricketer.

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