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The Pirates of Penzance - March 1969
The first joint venture with the Girl's Grammar School
Produced by Keith Trewhitt & Miss Mitchelson
19-21 March 1969
The Show The Cast

When Les Seaword left in 1967, there was nobody to carry on the tradition of the School play and the last was in 1966. But there was clearly a wish to maintain some form of stage performance and, following its enormous success as the House Drama winner of1968, Egner decided that "Pyramus and Thisbe" (produced by Clifford Burnett) should be performed at the Summer Concert.

After the summer holidays, it was announced that instead of a school play, there would be a "school musical". It would be a joint production between the boys' and girls' schools, produced by the two music teachers (Keith Trewhitt and Miss Mitchelson). It would be Gilbert and Sullivan's The Pirates of Penzance and be performed on the stage of the boys' school just before the Easter holidays in 1969.

For me, as Frederick, it was a major undertaking. While most of the other cast members could fall back on the huge theatricality of their parts, Frederick was the "romantic lead", was on stage more than anyone, had more lines and more solos, and it wasn't easy ... but it was fun.

There is a review of the performance in the 1969 ATOM.

I can't remember a great deal about the show, other than it terrified me. I remember shortly before the performance I fell and really hurt my arm - a part of me hoped that it was broken and I'd not get to perform!

Major-General Stanley - Malcolm Taylor
Pirate King - Cliff Burnett
Sergeant - John West
Frederick - Michael Todd
Policeman - Tony Baynes
Lieutenant - John Taylor
Ruth - Teresa Legg
Mabel - Kathryn Hunter
Eilleen Jordan
Effie West
Barbara Clark
Jane Arthur
Plus boys & girls choruses

Keith Trewhitt
Miss Mitchelson

Miss Orwin
Miss Ingoe (accompanist)
Mr Mason (accompanist

Pirates of PenzanceFrom The Shields Gazette
Pupils of South Shields Grammar-Technical School for Boys and the Girls' Grammar School are presenting the Pirates of Penzance in the boys' school from tonight until Friday. Pictured here is Major-General Stanley (Malcolm H Taylor) and his daughters.
Pirates of PenzanceMalcolm Taylor as Major-General Stanley, Kathryn Hunter as Ruth and the girls' chorus
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