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1 Photo: Prefects 1964/5
Headmaster's Reflections
2-3 School Notes (WL Green, JP Moffatt, PW Taylor, EW Wilson)
Magazines Received
Hunt the Atom
House Results 1963-64
4-5 House Results 1964-65
House Reports: Chapman House (CK Paisley 6UD
Fenwick House (I Williamson 6PA)
Kirwan House (LR Gofton 6UD)
6-7 Lawrenson House (EW Wilson 6UE)
Rugby 1964-5 (A Vinton 6UL)
Soccer 1964-5 (WG Graham 6UM)
8-9 Annual Soccer Match - Masters v Boys (C Bainbridge 6UH)
Senior Cricket Prospects
10-11 Staff Cricket (JGB)
School Tennis 1964 (S Cousin 6UL)
Badminton 1964-5 (AR Bullock 6US)
12-13 Basketball 1964-5 (SM Terry 6UD)
Athletics 1964 (EM Fox)
Cross-Country 1965 (JI Mouat 6UD)
14-15 Gym Club
Spoken English 1964
House Drama Competition 1964
French Speaking Competition 1964 (Derek Addison 4SI)
The School Play - The Miser (JGB)
16-17 Theatre Society (EW Wilson 6UE)
Senior Literary and Debating Society (EW Wilson 6UE)
Junior Literary and Debating Society (T Cornfoot 4M2)
Music (D Peel 6C)
18-19 Library (BE Roberts 6C)
Chess Club (F Dunstan 6UM)
20-21 Bird-Watching Club (JG McFarquhar 4S2)
Aeromodelling and Aeeronautical Society (JM McAlroy 6UE)
Photographic Society (JC Evans 6UI)
Craft Club (RB Kirtley 6C)
22-23 Stamp Club (Ian Lamont)
Geographical Society (SM Terry 6UD)
Christian Education Movement 1964-5 (BE Roberts 6C)
Community Service Volunteers (A Russell 5U)
24-25 Loch Ness Monster: A Burst Bubble? (KR Webster 6C)
26-27 A School Day (P Gibson 4SI)
Pseudos (GR Curry 6UH)
28-29 The Way of Zen (JN Gray 6UE)
30-31 What For? (DG Miller 1N)
The Return Journey (M Grey 4SI)
The Fishermen (RS Hannant 3MA)
32-33 The Void (JN Gray 6UE)
The Tour de France (BE Roberts 6C)
The Pop Star (K Thompson 2T)
34-35 Mots Croises (KCS)
Latin Crossword (P Robertson 5S)
36-37 Crossword Puzzles Solution
Jungle Adventure (K Hendry 3MA)
The Immortal Man (Malcolm Barker)
38 untitled (J Hogg 3MA)
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