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1 Valete - WE Egner (Stan E White - School President)
2-3 Vale! FG Grey, MA (GE Brown)
Chapman House Report, 1975-76 (W Gamblin)
Fenwick House Report, 1975-76 (Larry Coltman)
4-5 Fenwick House Report, 1975-76 (contd)
Kirwan House Report, 1975-76 (MD Leyden)
Lawrenson House Report, 1975-76
School Football Report, Season 1975-76
6-7 School Football Report, Season 1975-76 (contd)
Staff v Boys Football (D Philpot - 6x)
8-9 Staff v Boys Football (contd)
School Rugby Report, 1975-76
Staff v Boys Hockey (P Robinson)
10-11 Staff v Boys Hockey (contd)
Swimming Report (DJ RIdley)
Gymnastics Club (S Musgrove - 3D)
Trampoline Club
Cross-Country Report, 1975-76 (P Addison - 6F)
12-13 The Electronics Society (B Tynemouth)
British Association of Young Scientists - 1975-75 (Paul Wilson - 6x)
The Bridge Club, 1975-76 (L Coltman 6S & SM Wright 6E)
Chess Report, 1975-76
14-15 Chess Report, 1975-76 (contd)
The Christian Education Moveent (DEP 6M)
The Birdwatching Club (DEP 6M)
Word-Botching Club Report, 1975-76 (Laurence Abernethy - 6F)
16-17 Sprint Conert - April 7th, 1976 (NPP)
Nostalgia (David W Hardisty - 6S)
18-19 Nostalgia (contd)
Poem - Pierrot (M Mullen, 4I)
Poem - The Rabbit (Keith Bowey - 4E)
Poem - The Salmon (Gary P Frazer)
20-21 Poem - The Salmon (contd)
Pigeons (P Sowden - 2T)
Ferrets (S Rutherford - 2T)
Conservation in the North East (DEP - 6M)
22-23 Conservation in the North East (contd)
To be, or not to be??? (John B Emslie - 6A)
Death O' Wor Jimmy (A Heslop - 5L)
The Coming of the Second Dawn (David Balls - 6L)

The Coming of the Second Dawn (contd)
Poem - The Memory (Ian Boddy - 6O)
UFOs (K Lodge - 6T)

26-27 UFOs (contd)
Ode to Concorde (LJ Abernethy - 6F)
Once Upon a Time ... (RA Barran 6E & DW Hardisty 6S)
28-29 Another Very Boring Review of another Very Boring Programme (R Ridley - 6M)
Absence from Lesons (JT Newham - 6H)
Reviews of "The Atom" (LJ Abernethy)
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