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SMITH, Percy D'Willard
  Cadet (Royal Air Force)
  Survived the war

19-Jan-1909 (SSHS)


Percy D'Willard Smith was born in Stockton-on-Tees.

His father was a Master Mariner, and the family moved from Stockton to South Shields where Percy attended Ocean Road Elementary School.

In 1909, at the age of 8, he entered the High School, but left at the end of 1912 to go with the family to Cardiff.

He later went to Taunton School and, in January, 1918, became an air cadet. Later that year, he was transferred to Blandford Camp, and continued his training with the newly-named Royal Air Force, graduating in October, 1918.

On 14-Mar-1919, Percy travelled to America as a marine draftsman, and a week later gave notice of his intention to seek American citizenship. As required under American immigration laws at the time, he lived permanently in the USA for a period of seven years, and almost to the day, he formally filed for citizenship which, on 22-Jun-1926 was formally granted.

By this time, Percy was married to Tyyne (born in Finland) and they had a son, Robert, born in 1925.

He continued to work in marine engineering, and wrote two books "Modern Marine Engineering and Electronics" (1941, with a 2nd edition in 1966), and "Deck Machinery" (1973).

Percy lived his final 28 years in Houston, Texas, and died on 4-Jul-1977.

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