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0-1 Contents
2-3 1935/6 Rugby XV Photo
Foreward (Clr E Hill, Mayor)
4-5 Foreward (contd)
Editorial (C Bramwell, I Cunningham, ED Hardy)
6-7 School Officers
School Notes
8-9 School Notes (Contd)
10-11 School Notes (Contd)
12-13 School Notes (Contd)
14-15 School Notes (Contd)
Mock Election (WSB, VI)
16-17 Shakesperian Drrama (JAP, VI)
18-19 Rugby Notes (CB, Capt)
20-21 Rugby Notes (Contd)
22-23 Rugger Results
Classical Studies (GH)
24-25 Classical Studies (Contd)
Philatelic Society (LB IVuB)
NB (A VI Form Sufferer)
Disaffection (IC, VI)
26-27 Disaffection (Contd)
Rugby Critique (CB & RIM)
28-29 Rugby Critique (Contd)
30-31 A Document
32-33 Scout Notes (LSJ)
Hiking Experiences (HYRP, VI & JL, VI)
34-35 Hiking Experiences (Contd)
The Coffee Supper (RIM, VI)
36-37 The Coffee Supper (Contd)
Whitby (WL, VLB)
38-39 Whitby (Contd)
National Savings Association (AJ, Treasurer)
Chess Club Notes (GR)
We Should Like To Know (W McK, VI)
40-41 We Should Like To Know (Contd)
Literary and Debating Society (RD, VI)
42-43 Literary and Debating Society (Contd)
Uneasiness of Black Troops (HNP, VI)
Rugby Satura (CB & RIM)
44-45 Rugby Satura (Contd)
A New Examination Paper (MA, VLA)
46-47 Speech Day (RD, VI)
48-49 Speech Day (Contd)
Speech Day Prizes
50-51 Under 14 Rugger
Overheard at the Match (W McK, VI)
52-53 Overheard at the Match (Contd)
Paramuthion (MA, VLA)
Simple Subtraction (MA, VLA)
Swimming Notes (GR)
Apt Tunes (SAD, VI)
54-55 Apt Tunes (Contd)
Second XV Notes (WSB)
Our Film Corner
56-57 Our Film Corner (Contd)
The Beginning of Life (PT, VI)
58-59 The Beginning of Life (Contd)
The Proclamantion of Edward VIII as King (WSB, VI)
Old Boys' Section - Obituary
  Jubilee Memorial Fund
60-61 Old Boys' Section (Contd)
A Spot of Bunk
62-63 A Spot of Bunk (Contd)
The Development of South Shields as a Holiday Resort (GISK)
64-65 The Development of South Shields as a Holiday Resort (Contd)
66-67 The Development of South Shields as a Holiday Resort (Contd)
Things In General
68 Class Lists - December, 1935
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