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1 Contents
2-3 WT Lucas, Headmaster (photo)
4-5 An Account of the New High School for Boys at Harton (Geo R Smith, The Architect)
6-7 The New High School (contd)
8-9 Editorial (I Cunningham, ED Hardy, JC Anderson, SR Thompson)
School Officers
10-11 School Notes
12-13 School Notes (contd)
14-15 The School Opening (EDH - VI)
Excursion to Edinburgh (AJ)
16-17 Rugger Notes 1936-7 (HYRP - VI)
School Cricket 1937 (AH)
United - Linocut (H Stephenson ACTC)
The Educational System (IC - VI)
Swimming (GR)
Result of School Swmming Sports
Against Personal Adornment (EDH - VI)
Debating Society (JCA - VI)
Hints for Amateur Musicians (JCA - VI)
24-25 One of the Spacious Shower-bath Rooms (photo)
The Great Hall (photo)
26-27 Hints for Amateur Musicians (contd)
National Savings Association (AJ)
Great Pains! (ABS - VI)
28-29 Great Pains! (contd)
30-31 Great Pains! (contd)
Modern Languages Club (SRT - VI)
32-33 Thoughts in General (JK - VI)
Modern Poetry (EDH - VI)
34-35 School Orchestra (AAH)
Answers to Correspondents (JK - VI)
36-37 Lament (IC - VI)
School Libraries (EDH - VI)
38-39 School Libraries (contd)
McAdam - Roadmaker (JRWR - VI)
40-41 McAdam (contd)
Philatelic Society (LB - VI)
Last Words (EDH - VI)
Kids and Cows (IC - VI)
42-43 Kids and Cows (contd)
44-45 The Charge of the School Brigade (AB Scott - VI)
Science Club (TEN)
46-47 Science Club (contd)
Crossword Puzzle
48 School North Front Entranca - Linocut (H Stephenson, ACTC)
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