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This issue of the ATOM was a war-time issue. A large section of both the Boys' and Girls' High Schools were evacuated (to Appleby and Kirkby Lonsdale respectively) and the remaining girls moved into the Boys' High School. This edition of the ATOM was a joint publication, and is in two sections.

1 Contents (Boys' and Girls' sections)
2-3 Fish Quay - Lithograph (B of VU)
4-5 Memorial to Edward Joseph Murray (WMH)
6-7 School Officers
8-9 Editorial
School Notes
10-11 School Notes (contd)
12-13 Letter to the editors (King's College Correspondent)
School in War Time (DHL - VI)
14-15 School in War Time (contd)
The Lakeland Hike (JC)
16-17 Winter in Westmorland (AH)
Appleby Farm in Winter - Litho (RH of VL)
Them There Nazi Spies (KS -VIUA)
Rugger Notes (GB)
First XV (GB & GRJ of VIth)
"Soir" by Albert Samain (trans by JHH - VI)
24-25 How a Tree Grows (JGM - VI)
National Savings
26-27 How the Tidings Swept Across England in 1588 (MA of VLA)
28-29 To Pass the Time of Day - Amusements at Appleby (GDGH - Appleby)
30-31 Eden Bridge, Appleby - Litho (EG of VL)
32-33 Cricket Notes 1939 (GB)
34-35 Cricket Critique (GB & GRJ of VIth)
36-37 Cricket Averages (GB)
Echoes of Shakespeare (SW - VIth)
38-39 The School Libraries (JHH - VIth)
40-41 Ode to a Book (DO - IIIA)
Bird Watching (JLM - Appleby)
42-43 The School Camp 1939
44-45 The School Camp 1939 (contd)
46-47 The School Camp 1939 (contd)
Industry - Litho (H of VL)
48-49 The Snow (LRA - IVLA)
A Satura of School Life (WH - VLA)
The Epic of Cross Fell (DL - Appleby)
50-51 The Epic of Cross Fell (contd)
Old Boys
52-53 Ploughing Near Murton Pike - Litho (KH of VL)
GIRLS (The Chronicle)
54-55 School Officers
Staff Notes
School Notes (Jean Ollier, Lower VI)
56-57 Examination Results
Team Leadership (Jean Duff, Lower VI)
Games 1939-40
Rounders (M White, Upper VI)
58-59 Tennis
Hockey (M White, Upper VI)
60-61 Girl Guides (May Patrick - Lower VI)
The Library (CDF)
62-63 Sports Day 1939 (Muriel Pigg - Upper Vb)
Sports Day results
64-65 Sports Day results (contd)
66-67 Sports Day results (contd)
News from Kirby Lonsdale (DVW)
68-69 News from Kirby Lonsdale (contd)
Heroism in January, 1940 (D Woods - Lower Va)
70-71 My Impressions of Paris (Pearl Goddard - Upper VIa)
72-73 Spring-Cleaning (G Newman - Upper VIa)
74-75 Life on a Farm (S Mearns - Upper VIa)
Ineptiae (E Halcrow - Lower Va)
76-77 Kirby Lonsdale (J Riddle - Lower VI)
78-79 Nocturne (J Niddrie - Upper Va)
The Return of the Evacuees - with apologies to Sir Walter Scott (L Brown - Lower VI)
Our Shelter (J Little - Upper IVa)
80-81 The Air Raid (E Tudor - Upper VIa)
To a Barrage Balloon (J Ogilvie - Lower Vb)
The Owl (K Brown - Upper IVa)
Joyful News (M Hall - Lower Va)
82-83 Apt Quotations (D Chipchase - Lower VI)
Hiking Song (M Yarrow - Upper VIa)
Spring (E Errington - Lower IVa)
My Garden (H Defty - Upper IVa)
84-85 Fisherman Jim (D Brown - Upper IVa)
A Warning! (JM, BH & EY - Upper Va)
86-87 The Old Girls' Association
 - Marriages
 - Births
88-89  - Deaths
 - Appointments
 - Secretary's Report 1939-40 (F Collie)
90  - Secretary's Report (contd)
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