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i-ii Contents
0-1 Photo of WE Egner
2-3 A Headmaster's Reflections (WE Egner)
School Notes
Chapman House
4-5 Fenwick House (GA)
Kirwan House
Lawrenson House (R Jacksoni)
6-7 Senior Cricket 1955
Under 15 Cricket (P McArdle)
Under 14 Cricket 1956
8-9 Under 13 Cricket (KCS)
First XI Soccer (HCW)
Under 15 Soccer (KCS)
Under 14 Soccer
Under 13 Soccer
The First XV (R Smith)
10-11 Under 15 XV
Under 14 Rugby
12-13 School Tennis (WR Peel)
14-15 Swimming
House Results 1954-55
16-17 Staff Cricket Match (D Angus 6UP)
Staff Soccer Match
18-19 Pen Portraits of the Staff
Archaeological Society
Bird-Watching Club (D Watson)
Debating Society
20-21 Photographic Society (JSP)
Stamp Club
Music (JNJ)
22-23 The Fascination of Bird Watching (FGG)
24-25 The Mallemoke (J Ellison 4UA)
Bruges, the Venice of the North (M Rudd 4UA)
26-27 Bruges, the Venice of the North (contd)
Majorcan Holiday (R Kemp)
28-29 Rotterdam (Cooper U6P)
30-31 Rotterdam (contd)
The School Play
La Terroir (J Blance 6C)
32-33 La Terroir (contd)
The Glove Puppet (Thomas Hewit 3D)
34-35 The Glove Puppet (contd)
Learning the Gentle Way the Hard Way
Misapplied Mathematics (RJ Freeman U6P)
36-37 Misapplied Mathematics (contd)
Caer Urfa (E Brown 4UA)
38-39 Caer Urfa (contd)
First Impressions of Oxford (Culling & Smith U6P)
40-41 First Impressions of Oxford (contd)
Camping in the Backwoods (John Chapman 4UA)
A Hectic Half-Hour (H Rudd 3D)
42-43 A Hectic Half-Hour (contd)
Sailing and Sailing Dinghies (Snaith 4LB)
44-45 Honey Bees (T Woods 3D)
The Peregrine Falcon (J Edwardson 4UA)
The Bombers (George Woodcock 4LB)
Space Fever (PJC & BL)
46-47 Cargoes (A Garland 4UA)
On Stars (R Smith 6UP)
Soccer Quiz (A Riddle 4UA)
Sports Quiz - 1 (W Smith 4UA)
48-49 Sports Quiz - 1 (contd)
Sports Quiz - 2 (WE Hornby 4UA)
Mots Croises (KC Slater)
50 Crossword (G Brown 4UA)
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