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1 Contents
2-3 ATOM announcement
Headmaster's Reflections
4-5 Chapman House (WG Edgar)
Fenwick House (Ian H Wase & J Strong)
Lawrenson House
6-7 Kirwan House (AH)
House Competition, 1956
First Eleven Soccer (HCW)
Under 15 Soccer (KCS)
Under 14 Soccer (SMT)
8-9 Under 13 Soccer
1st XV
2nd XV
Under 15 Rugby
Under 14 Rugby
Senior Cricket 1956-57
10-11 Under 15 Cricket 1957
Under 14 Cricket (B Gidney)
Under 13 Cricket
School Tennis Team (WG Edgar)
12-13 Athletics
Scientific and Engineering Society
14-15 SCM Group
Drama Group - "The Importance of Being Earnest"
16-17 Archaeological Society
Scout Troup
18-19 House Festival of Spoken English (FG Grey)
Bird-Watching Club (Derek Watson)
Sixth Form Literary and Debating Society
Junior Debating Society (LK Royston)
20-21 Chess Club (RM)
Photographic Society
Suez Capers (H Brooke - VI LA)
22-23 Howzat (S Whale - IIH)
The End of the World (J Williams - IIILM)
The Ways of the Country (K Raper - IVDI)
24-25 An Ode to Spring (H Harman - IVP)
In Defence of Modern Painting (Derick Watson - VILA)
26-27 In Defence of Modern Painting (contd)
28-29 In Defence of Modern Painting (contd)
Mots Croises (JCS)
A Holiday in Paris (RB Longmore - IVP)
30-31 Austria 1956 (Clive Morris - IVP)
Weird Superstitions of the Sea (J Jennings - IVD)
32-33 The Rolling English Road (M Rudd - IVP)
34-35 Touristately (J Gardner - IVLA)
Two Pieces of Paris (E Brown - IVP)
36-37 The Piltdown Hoax
The Study of Ants (E Bohill - IVP)
38-39 The Study of Ants (contd)
Marsden Grotto (AT)
40-41 The Vanguard Project (WP Rycroft - IVDI)
42-43 The Lighter Side of any Continental Journey (CJ parkin - IIILM)
Nighmare (Leslie E Waugh - IIK)
44 Mots Croises - Solution
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