South Shields Grammar-Technical School for Boys  
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1 Contents
2-3 School Notes
Headmaster's Reflections
4-5 House Reports - Chapman House
Fenwick House (Wase & Strong - VI U)
Kirwan House
6-7 Lawrenson House (G Agar)
School Activities
First Eleven Soccer
Staff Match
Under 15 Soccer (KCS)
8-9 Under 14 Soccer (SM Tuff)
Under 13 Soccer (JH)
1st XV (JD Smith)
10-11 Under 16 XV
Under 15 XV (A Moyse)
Under 14 XV (WHP)
Senior 1st XI Cricket
School Staff Match
12-13 Under 15 Cricket
Under 14 Cricket 1958
Under 13 Cricket 1957
Tennis - Season 1957
Tennis - Season 1958 (A Abernethy)
14-15 House Competitions 1957
House Championships 1957-58
Scientific & Engineering Society
16-17 Student Christian Movement
School Music Report (JN Jackaman)
The Archaeological Society (L Masters)
18-19 Scout Troop (C Jefferson & G Agar)
Sixth Form Literary & Debating Society (A Lauder)
Junior Debating Society
Chess Club (RG Jackson)
20-21 Chess Club (contd)
Treble Twenty Club (HB)
School Library (A School Librarian)
22-23 Careers (contd)
Photographic Society (MWB)
Festival of Spoken English (FGG)
The White Mare of Marsden (Dunn - I P)
24-25 Evening of the Battle (WR Robertson - VI LA)
A Parody (Clifford Martin - III M)
The Lone Fawn (R Dixon - II H)
26-27 A Prang
Mots Croises (KCS)
28-29 Anastasia - Dead of Alive? (MH Rudd - III LM)
30-31 A Breath of Fresh Air (E Hill - III M)
Film Review ("Back Circle")
32-33 Film Review (contd)
Mountaineering (M Rudd - VI LA)
Popular Superstitions (M Rudd - VI LA)
34-35 Popular Superstitions (contd)
36-37 Popular Superstitions (contd)
Venture-Adventure (J Chapman - VI LA)
On Trying to Get Into Oxford
38 On Trying to Get into Oxford (contd)
Mots Croises - Solution
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