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In the original, pages 49/50 are un-numbered and appear between pages 16/17, and 51/52 between 32/33, but in order to preserve the normal page numbering, they have been moved to the end.

0-1 Contents
2-3 Contents (contd)
A Headmaster's Reflections
4-5 School Notes (K Dodds, B Lawrenson & L Masters)
House Championships 1957-8
House Reports: Chapman House (WE Hornby 6UA)
6-7 Fenwick House
Kirwan House (H Huddart)
Lawrenson House (WmP Bridgewood)
1st XI Soccer (J Price)
8-9 Under 15 Soccer (KCS)
Under 14 Soccer
Under 13 Soccer (JH)
10-11 School versus Staff Soccer Match (KRD)
First XV, 1958-9
Second XV, 1958-9
12-13 Under 15 XV
Under 14 XV (WHP)
Cricket Prospects 1959 (DIC)
Tennis (RG Jackson)
14-15 Swimming
House Gym Competition 1959
Cross-Country Championships 1959 (KRD)
Art Club
16-17 Aeromodelling Club (W Alan Hogarth 5S1)
Archaeological and Historical Society (LJ Masters & JA Nisbett)
Bird-Watching Club (JA Edwardson)
Chess Club (H Lether)
18-19 Craft Guild
Senior Literary and Debating Society (A Lauder)
Play Reading Group (F McLaren)
Junior Debating Society (DJ Ramsay)
20-21 Festival of Spoken English
Mr Roger Trafford (JA Nisbett)
Music Report
School Library (MH Rudd 4LM)
22-23 Photographic Society (MW Briggs)
Scientific and Engineering Society (H Quick)
The Calder Hall Visit
Stamp Club 1958-1959 (IW Harrison & M Spence)
24-25 Student Christian Movement (EM Thompson 6UA)
Treble Twenty Club (LE Hardy)
School Play 1959 (Ivan the Terrible)
26-27 School Play 1959 (contd)
Quiz Questions - Easy
Quiz Questions - Difficult
28-29 French Crossword - Mots Croises (KCS)
Crossword Puzzle (M Alexanfer 4LM)
30-31 TTT (AG Chalmers 2I)
Up Helly A' (Campbell Smith 5S2)
Reflections on the GCE (JA Nisbett 6LA)
32-33 On Touring in the Yorkshire Dales (A Liddle 4S)
The Severn Wildfowl Trust (IW Harrison 4S)
34-35 The Brussels Exhibition 1958 (MDC Rudd U6A)
36-37 The Brussels Exhibition (contd)
As Brave as a Lion (DH Wanless 5S2)
The Cross Country Run (G Levy 3S)
38-39 Spamlet
Unidentified Flying Objects (Leslie Earl Hardy 6LA)
40-41 Tea - The Universal Drink (Peter Mitchell 4M)
42-43 Solo Flight
The Father of the Rocket (Ronald J Davey 4S)
44-45 The Father of the Rocket (contd)
Net Fishing on the Tweed (JR Byers 4LM)
Music and its Origins (AR Gidney 4S)
46-47 Music and its Origins (contd)
Mots Croises - solution
Crossword - solution
48-49 Answer to Quiz
Photo - Prefects 1958-1959
50-51 Lino-cut (J Tinmouth 4S)
Lino-cut (WH Holmes 3EM)
52 Lino-cut (Mitchell 6LA)
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