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0-1 Prefects 1959-60
2-3 Contents (contd)
Headmaster's Reflections
4-5 Headmaster's Reflections (contd)
School Notes (KR Dodds, B Lawrenson, L Masters, AJ Nisbett)
6-7 Mr Lucas [obituary] (HAE)
House Results 1959-1960
House Reports - Chapman House (WB Smith)
Fenwick House (E Brown)
8-9 Kirwan House (B Lawrenson)
Lawrenson House (LK Royston)
10-11 House Results - Rugby, Association Football, Gymnastics
Rugby - 1st XV (AG Gilbert)
12-13 Rugby - 2nd XV (ARM)
Rugby - Under-15 (WHP)
Rugby - Under-14 (JGB)
Soccer - 1st XI (I Reid)
14-15 Soccer - Under-15 (KCS)
Soccer - Under-14 (CD)
Soccer - Under-13 (RC)
School v Staff Soccer Match (KRD)
16-17 School Cricket 1959
Tennis, Season 1959
18-19 Tennis, Seaon 1960 (RG Jackson)
Swimming (J Flood)
House Cross-Country 1960 (A Garland)
20-21 House Cross-Country Results 1960
Art Club (MJ Ramsay)
Aeromodelling Club (CG Barlow)
Bird-Watching Club (J Edwardson)
22-23 Chess Club (H Lether)
Craft Guild (I Yarrow)
Senior Literary and Debating Society
Play Reading Group
24-25 Junior Debating Society (J Pollard)
Spoken English 1959 (FGG)
School Library (A Garland)
Music Notes (JNJ
26-27 Photographic Society
Stamp Club
Science and Engineering Society
28-29 The Calder Hall Visit (Ronald J Davey - 6La)
French-Speaking Competition (L Gilpin)
Paris 1959 (WB Smith - VII)
30-31 Student Christian Movement (A Garland)
Treble Twenty Club (A Garland)
School Play - Impressions (AH)
32-33 School Play - Impressions (contd)
Mots Croises (KCS)
34-35 Under Anaesthetic (Duncan McKinnon 4EM)
Adventure in the Snow (J Mulley 5S1)
36-37 Alas! (Robert D Todd 1D)
Tricks of the Imagination (RN Wilkes 4M)
38-39 Mythological Crossword (D Purves 4SE)
The Things We Say (Ian Robertson 2C)
40-41 Quiz
Back to Nature (R Wallace VII)
42-43 Back to Nature (contd)
A Deserted Beach (D Galloway 2B)
The "Refugee" Problem (David John Penny 2L)
44-45 The Space Age (David AT Kent 5S1)
Hitch-Hiking (J Tinmouth 5S1)
46-47 The Christmas Present (John Moffatt)
Some Trade Signs and Mottoes (A Sheffer 1R)
Mots Croises - Solution
48 Mythological Crossword - Solution
Answers to Quiz
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