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1 Headmaster's Reflections
2-3 School Notes (JN Gray & B Hepplewhite)
Magazines Received
House Championships July 1966
4-5 House Championships March 1967
House Reports: Chapman House (AG Hatton)
Fenwick House (M Easton 6M); Kirwan House (JG chalmers 6F)
Lawrenson House (J Orton 6H)
6-7 Rugby 1966-7: 1st XV, U15, U14, U13 (D Rowland)
School v Old Boys - Rugby (G Wayte)
8-9 Soccer 1966-7: U12, U13, U14, U15, 1st XI (M Carney)
10-11 Hockey 1966-7 (TW Howes)
Cricket 1966-7
Staff Cricket (JGB)
School Tennis 1966 (R Hardwick)
12-13 Badminton (D Atkinson)
Swimming 1966-7 (C Emerson 6F)
Cross-Country 1966-7 (DL Burnside)
14-15 Junior Cross-Country
Gym Club (MR Rossiter)
Basket Ball 1966-7 (P Jordan)
16-17 Festival of Spoken English 1966
House Drama Competition 1966
French Speaking Competition (A Baynes 5N)
"The Strong Are Lonely" (JGB)
The Senior Literary & Debating Society (DA Reid)
18-19 Junior Debating Society (R Carter)
Music Notes (K Trewhitt)
Folk Club (JP Verney)
Ballet For All: Reflections (P Gibson)
20-21 Geographical Society (P Wilson 6M)
Scientific & Engineering Society
Craft Guild (DJ Dawson 4N)
Treble-Twenty Club (AJ Bradford 6F)
Chess Club (JE Orton 6H)
22-23 Photographic Society (M Todd)
Natural History Society (K Gales 6M)
School Library (CM Dobson & BJ Collins)
Sixth Form Service Groups (G Wayte)
24-25 Christian Education Movement 1966-7 (G Wayte)
Community Service Volunteers (S Hodson 2U & S Morgan 2U)
School Trip to Austria (A Ellis 4Sa)
The Charring Society (Colls 6A)
26-27 Latin Crossword (PG & MT)
28-29 "All Contributions Will Be Welcome"
To All Teachers (P Dixon 3Mw)
"What a play toward! I'll be an auditor ..." (J West 6I)
30-31 All That Glitters (RM Colls 6A)
32-33 Requiem (J Smith 5N)
In India (FM Grey 6S)
Dreams and Disillusions (D Holt 6?)
Memories (P Gibson 6S)
Words (A Robinson 6O)
34-35 Day To Nights
Summer Died Two Days Ago
36-37 Cry
Durham Senior Scouts Research Expedition (K Gales 6M)
The Spy Game (Laurence Dixon 2U)
Early Rising in Greece (Huntley 2S)
38 Drifting Dreams (D MacIntyre 4N)
Crossword Puzzle Solution
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