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1 Headmaster's Reflections
School Notes
2-3 School Notes (Keith Halling, I Stinson, T Cornfoot)
House Champions Summer 1967
4-5 House Champions 1967-68
House reports: Chapman (RP Nelson)
Fenwick (M Easton 6M)
Kirwan (MT)
6-7 Lawrenson House (F Lillie & MJG Robinson)
Rugby - 1st XV (P Jordan)
Rugby - Under-15
8-9 Rugby - Under-14
Rugby - Under-13
Rugby - Under-12
Old Boys' Match (P Jordan)
Soccer - Under-12
Soccer - Under-13
10-11 Soccer - Under-14
Soccer - Under-15
Soccer - 2nd XI
Soccer - 1st XI (B Carr 6A)
Hockey (D Currie 6R)
Cricket (PJ Crane)
12-13 Tennis 1967
Badminton (D Bulmer)
Basket-Ball 1967-68
14-15 Basketball Under-15 (D Bohill 6I)
Spoken English 1967
House Drama 1967
French Speaking Competition 1967 (KCS)
Senior Debating Society (K Halling 6H)
16-17 Junior Debating Society (S Hamilton)
School Trip to Spain 1967 (F Killie 6H)
Music Notes - Ugh! (MT)
18-19 Crafts Guild (NRH)
Chess Club (KD Porteus)
Photographic Society (M Todd)
Natural History Society (S Weetman)
20-21 Library (GH)
Christian Education Movement (I Stinson & DE Sheppard)
It's the Eighth Wonder of the World (MT)
22-23 Hold Your Head Up High (M Neary 4Ma)
Sunrise-Sunset (HR Smith 3A)
Tomorrow's Tomorrow (R Smith 3A)
24-25 Jul 27th 1967 (DL Burnside, 6O)
Jimi For Experience (DJ Dawson 5M)
Instructions For The Electric Toothbrush (K Robertson 6A)
26-27 All Young Gentlemen (Gordon Mills 6R)
28-29 Memoirs of a Falling Man: 1805 (R Marshall 6S)
Last Night I Saw An Italian Opera (R Marshall 6S)
30-31 The Owl (D Douglas 4SW)
Cats (PD Byrne)
Laughter In The Next Room (R Marshall 6S)
32-33 Fifty-Two H (SJ Telford)
The Newcastle Diamonds (K Harrison 4SW)
34-35 Gorilla (JH Taylor 6H)
The Storm (A Rutherford 5M)
Tynemouth Priory (JH Taylor 6H)
Three Worlds (David MacIntyre 5M)
36-37 The Depths (David Dennis 4N)
DIY (John Hogg 6T)
Underwater Adventure (S Hodson 3A)
Unceasing Warfare (JA Gibson 4M)
38-39 Journey From Start to Finish (G Robertshaw)
Lino Cut (P Scullon & PA Atkinson 4N)
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