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1 Headmaster's Reflections
2-3 School Notes (JH Taylor, JL Wilkinson, G Best)
House Championships 1968
4-5 House Champions (Winter 1968-9)
House reports: Chapman
Kirwan (HT)
6-7 Lawrenson House (DW Cooke 6O)
Rugby - 1st XV
Rugby - Under-15
Rugby - Under-14
Rugby - Under-13
Soccer - Under-12
8-9 Soccer - Under-13
Soccer - Under-14
Soccer - Under-15
Soccer - 2nd XI
Soccer - 1st XI (K Oliver)
10-11 School Hockey (Michael J Dale)
Master-v-Boys Hockey Match (Alan Corbyn 6T)
12-13 Tennis 1968 (D Pardoe)
1st XI Cricket (PJ Crane)
Cricket - Under-15
Cricket - Under-14
14-15 Cricket - Under-13
Athletics 1968
Badminton 1968-9 (B Trosh)
16-17 Basketball 1968-9
The Swimming Club
Cross-Country 1968-9 (D Jameson)
Festival of Spoken English 1968
18-19 Five Countries Tour, Easter 1968 (S McDougall)
French Speaking Competition 1968 (KCS)
Senior Literary and Debating Society (RD Taylor)
20-21 Junior Debating Society 1968-9 (JD Tindle)
Open Forum (A Member of the Open Forum)
House Drama Competition 1968
The Pirates of Penzance (JGB)
22-23 Music Notes (MT & JHW)
The Folk Club (K Robertson)
24-25 The Library (GH)
Chess Club (D Pardoe)
How to Get the Most out of Chess (D Pardoe)
26-27 The Photographic Society
The Christian Education Movement (MT & JHW)
The Geographical Society (HM Savage 6S)
The Birdwatching Club
28-29 The Craft Guild (N Hanson 5M)
The Railway Society (GEB)
Acid Man Blues (R Smith)
Everest (I Cleghorn 4Ma)
30-31 A Reflection on the Devotees of Time-Travel (JH Taylor 6H)
An Afternoon in January (JH Taylor 6H)
The Drop (D Dennis 5M)
Eve of Battle (Anon)
32-33 Beachcomber (Anon); The Bear (M Anderson)
Winter's End (J Hancock 1S)
Indisposition (PB Inkster 1O)
34-35 Untitled (PB Inkster 1O)
Good Little Boys (J Harvey 3Ma)
The Nose (G Dent 3Ma)
Elevation (G Lauder 3Sa)
36-37 Ode to a Coffee, Milk With Sugar, Urn (T Penman 4Sw)
Football Fever (M Kirtley 3Sa)
T he Race (C Cooper 3Ma)
Useless Information (M Granlund 3Ma)
Von Stockschmertzen "Breve Allabreve" (J West)
38-39 At Sea (D Lovely 3Sa)
JS Bach - Jazz Composer (MN Grieves 5N)
40 JS Bach (continued)
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