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1 Headmaster's Reflections
2-3 School Notes (RM)
Magazines Received
House Championships 1969 & 1970
4-5 House reports: Chapman (ACG)
Fenwick (L Glass 6E)
Kirwan (Brian J Mayne)
6-7 Lawrenson House (SP Robinson)
Rugby - 1st XV (WW Gillis)
Rugby - Under-15
Rugby - Under-14
Rugby - Under-13
8-9 Soccer - First Team
Soccer - Under-15
Soccer - Under-14
Soccer - Under-13
Soccer - Under-12
School Hockey 1969-70 (Michael D Downs)
10-11 Masters v Boys Hockey Match (Alan Corbyn 6T)
12-13 Tennis 1969 (Nigel A Brown)
1st Team Cricket; Athletics
14-15 Badminton 1969-70 (B Trosh)
Basketball 1969-70 (DN Jameson)
16-17 Gymnastics (JA Gibson 6A)
Cross Country 1969-70 (J Ogilvie 6E)
18-19 Festival of Spoken English 1969
Lino-cut (A Wain 4Sw)
20-21 House Drama Competition 1969
Junior Debating Society 1969-70 (John E Tindle)
Music Notes (Brian J Mayne)
Folk Club 1969-70 (TW & RM)
22-23 Lino-cut (KM Neary 4Sw)
I Wonder Why
24-25 Chess (Collis 6A)
Bridge Club (Nigel Brown)
Christian Education Movement (Brian J Mayne)
26-27 Geographical Society
Birdwatching Club
School Journey to Germany - Easter 1969 (RC Abernethy 5Ma)
Esso Northumbria (D Cowie...)
28-29 O Mighty Ship! (D Thompson 3H)
Our Computer (PW Watson 3H)
Scrap (DJ McLaren 3L)
Portrait (R Misell 3L)
Winter on the Beach (R Ludlow 3H)
Doomsday (Keith Donnelly 3L)
30-31 In the Year 2525? (SP Robinson 6A)
Theme on a Variation (Penman 5Sw)
Accident (K Sawyer 4Mw)
32-33 The Old Man (P Manning 4Mw)
I Thought I Saw the City Burning (Ritchie Smith 5A)
The Angular City (Ritchie Smith 5A)
Obituary (DT Rippon 6R)
Gulls (DT Rippon 6R)
Janet and John (C Nelson 4Sw)
34-35 Wandering Through Ward's "Directory of Tyneside 1907-8" (I Thompson 4Sw)
Lapsus Ligni
36-37 Eight O'Clock, Price Day (P Hyslop 2O)
The Esso Northumbria (8th February 1970) (S Mitchell 3H)
38-39 I Delivery the Goods (G Henderson 2O)
An Experience to Remember (D Porter 3H)
Night Raid (Lawrence West 2S)
A New Car (G Wake 3L)
40 A New Car (contd)
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