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1 Headmaster's Reflections
2-3 School Notes 1970-71
House Reports: Chapman (S McGlasham)
Fenwick (JA Gibson)
Kirwan (NR Hansen)
4-5 Lawrenson (IW Purves)
School Sport Easter 1970-71
Cricket - Under-13
Cricket - Under-14
Cricket - Under-15
Cricket - 1st-XI
Masters-v-Boys Cricket
Tennis (N Brown)
6-7 Association Football (D Logg)
Rugby (John Carrick)
Old Boys' Rugby Match 1971 (John Carrick)
8-9 Hockey (Michael D Downs)
10-11 Hockey (contd)
Masters-v-Boys Hockey Match (Alan Corby 6T)
12-13 Cross-Country Running (J Ogilvie)
Basketball - 1st team
Basketball - Under-16
14-15 Basketball - Under-14 (Martin Smith)
Swimming (J Thurlbeck)
Water Polo Club (J Thurlbeck)
Festival of Spoken English 1970
House Drama Competition 1970
16-17 Birdwatching Club
Bridge Club (K Curry & IW Purves)
Chess Club (K Curry)
Christian Education Movement (K Hicklin)
18-19 Senior Debating Society (Michael D Downs)
Junior Debating Society (Christopher Taylor)
Folk Club (I Anderson, A Wilson)
20-21 Music Notes (GD Green)
The Mikado (JMB)
22-23 Towards Progression? (Adrian Walker)
Memories of the Easter trip to France 1970 (I Chapman)
24-25 Black Black Sails (Thom Penman)
26-27 Black Black Sails (contd)
28-29 Black Black Sails (contd)
But What's A Library For
He's Lying Still Now ... (6th Former)
Fight (6th Former)
A Face Taken For Granted (6th Former)
30-31 Mythic (Ritchie Smith)
Crucifix (Ritchie Smith)
Love Song (Ritchie Smith)
32-33 The Waves Break Quietly (Sixth-Former)
The Snake (S Jago, 5Sa)
The Swamp (J Clark, 5Sa)
34-35 The Miner (N Dutton 3D)
Blindness (T Sanderson 1S)
My Dreams (A McDonald, 1O)
Crossword Puzzle
36 Crossword Puzzle Solution
Lino Cut (CDH)
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