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1 Headmaster's Reflections
2-3 Academic Distinctions
House Competitions - Summer 1971
House Competitions - Winter 1971-2
House Reports: Chapman (David G Short)
4-5 Fenwick (JA Gibson)
Kirwan (Michael Crump)
Lawrenson (C Knott)
6-7 School Rugby 1971-2 (J Carrick)
School Soccer Season 1971-2 (C Young)
8-9 Master v Boys Football Match (P Metcalfe 6R)
School v Old Boys Soccer (C Young)
Cricket 1971 (Ian Borthwick)
10-11 Tennis 1971 (Keith J Robertson)
Hockey 1971-2
Old Boys' Hockey Match
12-13 Masters v School Hockey Match (G Nichol)
Basketball 1971-2 (PR Winter)
14-15 School Badminton (Paul A Walsh)
Swimming 1971-2 (JA Gibson)
Athletics (EW Hardisty)
16-17 Cross Country Running 1971-2 (EW Hardisty)
Festival of Spoken English
Drama Club (R Benham & UFG)
18-19 House Drama Competition 1971
Senior Debating Society (Ritchie Smith)
Junior Debating Society (Christopher Taylor)
Music Notes 1971-2 (DSH & KH)
20-21 The Spring Concert
School Library (PAL 23/3/72)
Bridge Club (S Martin 6X)
House Chess Competition (John W Dew)
22-23 Birdwatching Club 1971-2 (RC Abernethy)
School Journey to Austria, Easter 1971 (Peter Dixon 6L)
24-25 Mad Shadows (6th Former)
The Sun Awakes the Flower in Me (Ritchie Smith)
Power of Glass: Act II Scene IV (Ritchie Smith)
For Leonard Cohen; Flower-Song (Ritchie Smith)
Song (Ritchie Smith)
Construction (S Burdis 3E)
26-27 The Tunnel (Stephen Gillespie 3I)
The Miner (R Stobbs 3D)
The Rabbits (Geoffrey Brown 5Sa)
After the Match (G Dent 6th Form)
28-29 As I Stand And Wonder (M Bell 3D)
Ad-man (3rd Former)
Where the Wind Howled (P Tate 1O)
Englebert (R Beardmore 4H
30-31 How to become a Soccer Addict (Brian Danielson 4L)
Computer Commuter (Stephen Damon Runyon Hanson 4E)
32-33 Quite an Experience (A Wallis 5D)
The Joys of Golf (GL Bruce 3E)
34-35 Gamblers' Luck (D Emerson 4E)
With Apologies (P Cleghorn 4E)
Peridromophily and All That (Brian Yorston 4E)
36 Peridromophily and All That (contd)
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