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1 Headmaster's Reflections (WE Egner)
2-3 Headmaster's Reflections (contd)
School Notes (S Fairclough)
House Competitions, Summer, 1972
4-5 House Competitions, Winter, 1972-73
Chapman House (ER Buchanan)
Fenwick House (DJ Jordan)
Kirwan House (K Scott)
6-7 Kirwan House (contd)
Lawrenson House (C Thompson)
Rugby, 1972-73
8-9 Rugby, 1972-73 (contd)
School Soccer, 1973
10-11 School Soccer (contd)
Masters v Boys U-15 Soccer (P MacRae - 4L)
Hockey, 1972-73
School v Staff Match
12-13 Athletics, 1972 (D Dent - 6M)
Basketball, 1972-73
Senior Masketball (PR Winter)
14-15 Cross-Country, 1972-73 (D Stanton - 6M)
Swimming, 1972-73
Table-Tennis Season, 1972-73 (R Soulsby)
16-17 Table-Tennis Season, 1972-73 (contd)
School Chess, 1972-73 (M Lawrence - 6x)
Music Notes (M Dawson & PA Jackson)
Library (I Biggs - 4E)
18-19 Library (contd)
The Christian Education Movement (John W Dew)
The Birdwatching Club (K Colcomb)
20-21 The Birdwatching Club (contd)
Futurismo (A Keddie - 6O)
Skiing Holiday to Austria, 1972 (D Emerson & S Elliott - 5E)
School Journey to Brittany, 1972 (GW Bell)
22-23 School Journey to Brittany, 1972 (contd)
The Junior and Intermediate Debating Society (C Taylor 4E)
Cley Next The Sea (A Sixth Former)
Poem - Death, Past and to Come (D Pritchard - 3E)
24-25 Poem - Death, Past and to Come (contd)
Poem - In the North (P Bond - 2T)
Poem - The Cat (anon)
Poem - The Oil Slick (M Rickwood - 3S)
Poem - The Frog (Paul Defty - 4L)
Poem - Man and Nature (MJ Roughead - 4L)
26-27 Poem - The Population Explosion (GP Hooper - 3H)
Poem - In the Museum (G Gibson - 4L)
Poem - The Death of a Mare (S Campbell - 4L)
Poem - Return to Glory (Brian Henderson - 4L)
Poem - Daydreams (A Bell - 1S)
28-29 Poem - Daydreams (contd)
High Kiting (I Westgarth - 1S)
It's All in the Mind (JM Selkirk - 3E)
30-31 It's All in the Mind (contd)
Our Goldie (D Hanson - 3D)
A Visit to the Dentist (J MacIntyre - 3D)
Early Morning Rising (G Scott - 3D)
32-33 Linocut (M Hamilton - 3S)
School Desks (N Hay - 3D)
The Hound of the Eggs (R Gibson - 5S)
34-35 The Hound of the Eggs (contd)
Beware of your Hair (JB Emslie - 3I)
36-37 Benjamin (G Tinmouth - 3F)
The Cursed Car
38 Linocut (R Pattison - 3S)
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