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1 Headmaster's Reflections - Grammar-Technical School
2-3 Headmaster's Reflections - Harton Comprehensive
House Competition results
House Reports - Lawrenson (Paul A Walsh)
4-5 House Reports - Kirwan (RE Ellis & GO Clark)
House Reports - Chapman (JD Anderson)
House Reports - Fenwick (R Jerry)
6-7 Soccer, 1973-74 (Michael J Scott 6R)
Rugby Report, 1973-74 (S Faircloth)
8-9 Rugby Report, 1973-74 (contd)
Hockey, 1973-74 (Peter Harrison)
10-11 Table Tennis, 1973-74 (R Soulsby 6A & K Mossman 6R)
The Bridge Club (Michael J Scott)
School Chess, 1973-74 (M Lawrence)
12-13 Badminton, 1973-74 (James Little)
Christian Education Movement, 1974 (John D Anderson)
North-East Schools' Economics Convention (SJ Mitchell 6X)
History Trip, 3I - Autumn, 1973 (NJ Parsons 3I)
14-15 Spring Concert, April 4rd (BEB)
School Holiday, Bacharach, April 14-21, 1973 (S Gillespie)
16-17 Pratical Cats (Colin Best 4E)
The Panther (Sean Dolan 1T)
Hobbitmania (R Eagle 6E)
18-19 Sword of the Kings (L Abernethy)
20-21 Three Little Pigs: Nillsow, Theah and Porthe (MS Blacklock 6S)
Wargaming (Allan Moffett 5S)
22-23 Olympics (MS Blacklock 6S)
Travelling in the Rush Hour (M Hamilton 4S)
Snow, Sea and the Watcher (DE Pritchard 4E)
24-25 Snow, Sea and the Watcher (contd)
Writing Poetry (C Rudd 3L)
26-27 The Surprise (M Mullen 2U)
28-29 The Surprise (contd)
Epitaph for Laughs (K Moore 4I)
The Teachers Epigraph (D Watson 1U)
home|past |present |traditions|people|photos|site||the ATOM |school photos
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