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Alex Patterson, '46-'51, VUA | alexpatterson~AT~videotron~DOT~ca
Hello Katherin,
I didn't know your family, but I see that there are some twenty 'Fletts' shown in the school photos. If you click on "photos" in the menu, then on to "name index to formal school photos" you will come across the names which then lead to Flett photos through the years.
Good Luck,
Mon 20-Jan-2014 15:17 - Montreal, Canada
Katherin Flett | muddypaws04~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
Hello everyone, I just wondered if any of you knew/know anything about the Fletts who attended school here in the 1960's? Thank you, Katherin
Sat 18-Jan-2014 20:38 - Suffolk

From Mike T:   Hi Katherin - not quite sure what information you want, but there were (as Alex has pointed out) several Fletts through the 60s as listed in the names index. As far as I can see, all the 50s and 60s Fletts are listed there.
Neale Backhouse '46 to '51 | nealebackh~AT~gmail~DOT~com
I have some sad news to start the New Year I'm afraid. I have heard from my daughter in law that Lance Bedlington (SSHS 1946-1951) passed away around the turn of the year.
Lance and I began our apprenticeships together in the drawing office at John Readhead, Shipbuilders, in South Shields in August 1951. Lance's eventual career path took him to Hong Kong,Fiji and finally to Ontario, Canada, where he was employed as an Inspector with the Transportation Safety Board. Lance's immediate family live in Ontario and in one of those incredible coincidences that can occur in a lifetime, my daughter in law, who hails from Ottawa, took horse riding lessons as a young girl, with Lance's daughter (many years before she met my son Eric, here in Victoria). Thus the contact has been maintained through Nicole's parents, living in Ottawa.
I would like to extend my heartfelt condolences to Lance's wife, Marjorie and her immediate family at this sad time.
Tue 14-Jan-2014 03:07 - Victoria BC Canada
Alan Coombes
I thought it was "Lang may your lum reek", whatever a 'lum' is, supposedly a chimney??
Fri 3-Jan-2014 14:42 - Boston MA

From Mike T:   It is, and it is ... but Alex was spoonerising :-)
Alex Patterson, '46-'51, VUA | alexpatterson~AT~videotron~DOT~ca
Hi Mike,
It’s New Year 2014 there in the UK and it’s still Old Year 2013 here in Montreal. It’s - 18 C at the moment, going steadily downwards to a high of - 23 C on Friday. Roll on summer.
If I’m the first contributor in your New Year, here’s wishing you and yours a happy and healthy 2014. My wish is for more readers and contributors and I second Bruce’s offer of help. If there’s anything I can do long distance please let me know and I’d be happy to do something to help keep the SSGTSFB site vibrant.
And Michael, I thought the expression was, “Lang may your rum leak.” It certainly will be here the nicht.
Aaarra best from a cold and snowy Montreal.
Alex Patterson
Wed 1-Jan-2014 01:48 - Montreal, Canada
Michael Lawrenson 1946 | lawrenson~AT~hollyburn~DOT~plus~DOT~com
New Year greetings from Scotland to Mike and all the ‘trusty crew’. Here’s to 2014 (a long, long way from 1946!), have a good Hogmanay and lang may yer lum reek.
Mon 30-Dec-2013 23:49 - Scotland
Bruce Graham | bsgraham~AT~btinternet~DOT~com

Just a thought (and it probably would be a logistic nightmare) but when you mentioned the timescale for the transcribing of old data I was reminded of a similar problem faced by the originators of a site called FreeBMD (free Births Marriages and Deaths) that I am sure many of us have visited. They enlisted the help of thousands of local volunteers to help with the task.

Is it possible that any of us could help you - your trusty band of correspondents that Neale mentioned.

As has been regularly mentioned you have done such a fantastic job in putting it all together, and we have all benefited enormously, that if assistance could be made to work then please count me in.


PS And by the way, a Happy New Year to you all!!!
Mon 30-Dec-2013 16:41 - Ruskington, Lincolnshire

From Mike T:   Bruce - Happy New Year to you too.

Thanks for the thoughts. Indeed, in the early days I did consider getting help with the transcriptions. But I decided that the investment in writing software, distributing the source material and doing the admin would probably take about as much time as transcribing the 10,000 names. Had there been 100,000 I might have felt differently.

But it's good to know that there is help should it be needed!

Mike Todd
Thanks to Neil and Alex for their best wishes.

As the site hits its 12th birthday, it seems to remain fairly popular, although visitor numbers have dropped a bit over the past couple of years.

My time in retirement is being spread a bit thin, and progress that I'd like to make has not been what I'd have hoped for. There are still quite a few Atoms (and the Westoe chool's "Westovian" magazine) to be processed and uploaded, along with lots more school photos (either new, or improved quality).

The database of pupils from 1885 to 1975 is more or less complete (nearly 10,000 names!), but data protection laws may limit how much of this can be made available online. However, I have been trying to match those in the school photos with the database which should, in due course, allow a better photo name index (possibly extending to the Atom and other areas of the site).

In the meantime, our old school seems to go from strength to strength. The year was marked with the Executive Head, Ken Gibson, being given a knighthood - something of a rareity in the world of education.

A very Happy Christmas (or should I say Boxing Day) and New Year.
Thu 26-Dec-2013 09:20 - Rothbury, Northumberland
Backhouse | nealebackh~AT~gmail~DOT~com
Merry Christmas Mike,
Steady at the helm, from your trusty crew:
ryan,Robin,George,Alan and from all the others I may have missed. And from me, Neale.
Thu 26-Dec-2013 01:52 - Victoria BC
Alex Patterson, '46-'51, VUA | alexpatterson~AT~videotron~DOT~ca
Hi Mike,
It’s Christmas Eve here in Montreal and all the family are here for the celebrations, from two years old to seventy eight. We’ve had really poor weather for the last few days with 25 cm of snow, ice pellets and freezing rain. The temperature currently is -14 C going down to - 18 C tonight. With the windchill factor it feels like -25 C.
However it’s getting better and promises to be better for tomorrow. So I wish you and all your readers and contributors, a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year.
Take good care of yourselves and your loved ones wherever you may be, after all that’s all that really matters.
Regards from a cold but clear skied Montreal.
Alex Patterson
Tue 24-Dec-2013 21:53 - Montreal, Canada

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