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Michael Lawrenson 1946 | lawrenson~AT~hollyburn~DOT~plus~DOT~com
I see looking back at my last entry I seem to have got rather mixed up between bloaters and boaters. So, apart from the quotation, for 'bloaters' read 'boaters'. It's either my age or the keyboard is playing up.
Tue 29-Mar-2011 16:18 - Scotland
Alan Whittaker (52-59)
Oops! reference my last, I meant "sewn" not "sown"!!! GCE English was such a long time ago!
Tue 29-Mar-2011 13:29
Alan Whittaker (52-59)
My memory is that when Mr Egner took over from Mr Lucas he tightened up the requirement to wear uniform.Iseem to remember that I got a Council grant to pay for a blazer and grey flannels although some kids still wore sports jackets with the school badge sown on the breast pocket.We would approach the School via Russel Avenue sharing a Woodbine! with our caps folded in our blazer pockets and keeping a wary eye open in case a prefect came cycling by!
Tue 29-Mar-2011 10:33
Eric Moyse 1946 to 1953 | eric~DOT~moyse~AT~sky~DOT~com
I was never accused of being a rainbow college kid but often of being a high school bloater. Mike Lawrenson's latest hints that "bloater" may originally have been "boater" but did the school ever wear straw boatera?
I remember well having me Mam sew badges on any old jacket and my losing scarves with sickening regularity. Never had a school cap, though. That was for the (relatively) posh kids.
Tue 29-Mar-2011 10:00 - Reading Berkshire
Michael Lawrenson 1946 | lawrenson~AT~hollyburn~DOT~plus~DOT~com
‘High School bloater, rusty motor, cannot swim without a floater’ – I can remember that being shouted at me as I went to school in 1946. But the bloaters were always mythical and I doubt if they were ever seriously considered even when uniform became the norm several years later. I would think that any boy trying to make his way along East Avenue wearing a bloater would have come to a sudden and sad end.

We were an informal lot in those days as the 1947 panoramic photo will show. As Ed has pointed out the reason was simple: everything was scarce and rationed. What you wore depended on how lucky your parents were in their shopping and how many clothing coupons they had left.
Mon 28-Mar-2011 23:01 - Scotland
Bryan Cooper | bryglen~AT~bryancooper~DOT~wanadoo~DOT~co~DOT~uk
Here we go again.....
'Here come the rainbow college kids' - where did that one come from?

'High School bloater, rusty motor' - I am fully prepared to accept ( I can actually remember it very well, to be honest ) but no others spring to mind.
Come on Lawson, Moyse and co., help us out here.
Mon 28-Mar-2011 19:13 - North Wales
Ed. Forster | r2ed~DOT~forster~AT~live~DOT~ca
My recolection of school uniforms is a bit hazy,I left to work at Hawthorns 69 yrs ago,because of clothes rations we were left with only the cap & socks having the school colours. On the way to school we had to suffer the chants of other kids ' here come the rainbow college kids' occasionaly resulting in fisticuffs which was one of the few things in which I excelled.
Lots of sunshine here, but still about 3 or 4ft. of snow front & back of the house.
Sun 27-Mar-2011 19:01 - PEI Canada
Alan Coombes | acoombes~AT~comcast~DOT~net
Bryan, my recollection of school uniform is a little different too. I remember short grey trousers in first year and long grey trousers permitted but not compulsory in year two.
I also remember open neck white shirts were permitted in the summer. Dark blue blazers were required in all years as were long grey trousers in years 3 and later. Caps were also required but usually worn 100 yards or less from the gate. Don't remember blue trousers at all, long or short.
Fri 11-Mar-2011 16:08 - Boston MA
Bryan Coopert | bryglen~AT~bryancooper~DOT~wanadoo~DOT~co~DOT~uk
I have just found this posting on Friends Re-united, posted by Keith Bulley, who left in 1973, I think.

"School Uniform

Blue blazers were worn.
Blue shorts and cap had to be worn in the first two years at school. Grey flannel trousers from the third form onwards.
In the summer, sixth formers had the option of wearing straw boaters."

The blue blazers I remember but I thought trousers were to be grey and there was surely no regulation about short trousers in year 2, was there? Straw boaters? Really?

Sun 6-Mar-2011 15:38 - North Wales
Derek Mason | derek~DOT~mason~AT~foodstandards~DOT~gov~DOT~uk
1961 class 3N. We are having a 50th year reunion on the 8th October 2011, this was the register:- Abdul,Bage,Bentham,Carney,Clouston,Dougal, Fairbairne,Frame,Gedling,Harrison,Hewitt,Hunt,Johns
ger,Mullen,Nicholson, Ord,Parker,Pierce,Smith G.D.,Smith W.,Webster,Wittingham.
So come on get in touch,I'm sure any friends of the above will also be welcome to join us (the motley crew)
Sun 20-Feb-2011 06:59 - England

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