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Mike Todd
A question for those who were at the school before 1960.

At some time, a group of buildings was constructed to the north of the school. They're the four buildings that can be seen in the bottom left of the 1963 aerial photo.


There is a long building on the right (which was eventually cut in half and became the Sixth Form Centre), a smaller building on the far left, a much smaller building between them, and a chimney-like building lower left of the group.

I'm trying to understand when these building were built and what they were used for.

I believe that one (or more) of them were used as a dining hall, but can anyone shed any certainty on the date and use of these building?

Many thanks
Wed 11-Apr-2012 17:31 - Rothbury
Robin Leslie | robinleslie~AT~alumni~DOT~lse~DOT~ac~DOT~uk
Mike it was very good news to hear of the High School's anniversary as it is
moreover a double clebration for me. I'm proud to say that I attended the High School from 1952-54 so that's a celebration to mark for it was indeed a wonderful school. I'm also delighted that Rory Underwood is the guest speaker as I went from the High School to Barnard Castle School in 1954 where I also enjoyed my time there. Rory Underwood played his rugby at Barney
some years after me but how nice to know that the High School and Barney are linked. I played for SSHS under-14s
at rugby under a Mr. Callaghan who, incidentally, went to Barnard Castle School before becoming a staff member of the High School. Such wonderful memories, One further memory will always remain with me, that is I spiked myself at the end of a relay race on the running track that was in those days (1953)by the railings at the St. Marys Avenue entrance to the school. I'm glad to say that I represented the High School in their relay team at the Durham County Championship held at Reyrolles track in Darlington alongside Jack Talbut and Victor Muncaster.
Wed 4-Apr-2012 13:03 - Buckinghamshire
Mike Todd
For Bruce and others, I've updated the front page with some additional details about the dinner. It is formal attire (lounge suits), but not black-tie. And the menu is now included.

Also, there will be an open day towards the end of the academic year so that those unable to attend the dinner can still get a chance to look around.
Fri 30-Mar-2012 18:06
Neale | nealebackh~AT~gmail~DOT~com
I getcha Eric. So does that mean when my para dispatcher shouted, "Go!!", I should really have answered, "Where to?"
Thu 29-Mar-2012 22:37 - Victoria BC, Canada
Eric Moyse 1946 to 1953 | eric~DOT~moyse~AT~sky~DOT~com
OK Neale
I always understood that you have to enjoy something, possibly yourself, although that should be done with care. Nowadays "enjoy" is often used without an object, which sounds incorrect to me and my dictionary does say that it a vt. Perhaps it is a transatlantic thing.But then I am old (although if I remember correctly, about two months younger than you).
Hope you are well.
Yours in pedantry
Thu 29-Mar-2012 09:51 - Reading Berkshire
Neale | nealebackh~AT~gmail~DOT~com
OK Eric, I give up. So what's the problem with transitive verbs?

PS. Please regard this as an offertory.
Thu 29-Mar-2012 04:38 - Victoria BC, Canada
Bruce Graham | bsgraham~AT~btinternet~DOT~com

Thanks for the very useful information concerning the 75th Anniversary Dinner. It sounds like a good "do" but a couple of queries arise that may have occurred to some of the other correspondents.

How big is it and is it intended to be black tie? I'm sure that the answer to the first of those questions will indicate what level of attendance the school is anticipating or expecting or hoping for from old boys as opposed to the great and good of the present day. If it's a celebration primarily aimed at those involved in recent years (like the last 30 years) who have perhaps lived through all of the changes in status that have been imposed some of us old(er) fogies might be out of place!!!

It also occurred to me that if, as you suggested, there may be an opportunity to see the new facilities before or after the dinner then possibly the day might be extended to allow old boys who don't particularly want to attend the formal event (or may not be able to) to do just that - i.e. have a good look around.

Or perhaps that is all getting too difficult for the organisers?

I am a little confused as to the scope of the celebrations and the extent to which SSGTSFB participants may wish , or be encouraged, to take part.

Any further clarification would be welcome.
Mon 26-Mar-2012 14:51 - Ruskington, Lincolnshire

From Mike T:   First of all, the dinner is a celebration of the building's 75 years, so is open to all who attended (and their partners of course).

I suspect that it will be as big as the number of tickets sold, but there'll obviously be an upper limit (which I don't know). But I would be surprised if some of the "great and the good" weren't there as well.

As for the look-around. There will be an event later in the year for this. The one on 10th May is simply to allow those attending the dinner to look around, as some may have travelled a considerable distance.

The only questions I can't answer are just how formal/informal it will be and what the dinner will actually involve (menu etc). I've asked for clarification and will post the answer as soon as I have it.
Eric Moyse 1946 to 1953 | eric~DOT~moyse~AT~sky~DOT~com
Chris Ramsey
I have just listened to a half-hour stand-up programme featuring Chris Ramsey who hails from South Shields (although he firstly says Newcastle and then later corrects himself) and is a former pupil of Harton School. It was very funny indeed and if you wish you can pick it up on the BBC Radio 4 Listen Again iPlayer (6.30pm Thursday 22 March).
Enjoy! (that must make Pan Headley spin in his grave -- verb transitive, boy)
Regards to all
ps I hope you do not regard all this as offermation.
Thu 22-Mar-2012 19:49 - Reading, Berkshire
Alan Whittaker(53-59) | alan~AT~whittaker4000~DOT~fsnet~DOT~co~DOT~uk
Still on photographs,I wonder what happened to all the school photographs which were on the walls of the Headmaster/Secretary's office and the adjacent corridor?
Wed 14-Mar-2012 16:19 - Somerset
Bryan Cooper | bryglen~AT~bryancooper~DOT~wanadoo~DOT~co~DOT~uk
Interested to read message re. photos. I was in school 1956 - 63 and there are almost complete sets of form pictures, but some people are not named. Who were they? I remember their faces, (I think) but names, no.
Equally, in other years, there are people I remember some who do not appear. Did they hide in the toilets? Can we have a concerted effort to name these people, please. For example, 5O(Five Oh), 1960/61, middle front row, between Sinclair and Cousins. Who is he, he appears in several photos down the years inc. rugby teams.
I wait with bated breath.
Tue 13-Mar-2012 22:52 - Old Colwyn, North Wales

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