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Michael Lawrenson 1946 | lawrenson~AT~hollyburn~DOT~plus~DOT~com
I’ve been waiting to see if someone with a better memory than mine can answer Bruce’s question about the HS closing. I was in my first year in 1947 and can remember trudging to and from school in deep snow so my recollection is that the school didn’t close.
Sat 25-Dec-2010 09:46 - Scotland
Robin Leslie | robinleslie~AT~alumni~DOT~lse~DOT~ac~DOT~uk
Yes Bruce I remember the Winter of 1947 very well, I was 7 years old at the time and recall opening the front door of my parents' house in Ambleside Avenue and being confronted with 6 feet of packed snow. I also remeber walking up to the shops at Harton to use my mother's coupons to buy something and the pavements were drifted snow. There were very few cars then so when people walked they frequently walked on the road instead of the pavement. Even though 1947 stands out in my memory, there was snow every Winter throughout my childhood right through into the 1960s.
People are incredibly ridiculous about the snow, the truth is that a mixed-up
society that frets about money all the time dislikes any threat to their mechanical routine.
Oh yes and of course Graham as choirboys at St. Peters Harton we threw snowballs at Henry the vicar and Mr Cleghorn (the man you mentioned who lived in West Avenue and was a server at St. Peters)
Thu 23-Dec-2010 17:04 - Buckinghamshire
Bruce Graham | bsgraham~AT~btinternet~DOT~com
Apropos the recent (and continuing) appalling weather, and as we seem to be back to just the old guard contributing to the GB,how many of you remember the snow of 1947 I was at Harton Juniors by then and we were all sent home, trudging through drifting snow that came well above my knees - short trousers, too. Presumably the High School was also closed??

No central heating at home, rationing still in force and so on. Still, Kyffin View was greast for sledging that year.

Happy Christmas to all.
Thu 23-Dec-2010 16:34 - Ruskington, Lincolnshire
Michael Lawrenson 1946 | lawrenson~AT~hollyburn~DOT~plus~DOT~com
If I did get a giant sized snow shovel I think I would donate it to the local council. They just don’t seem to have any equipment for moving snow where I live. It was -12C here last night – if this keeps up I’m off to somewhere warmer, such as Montreal.
A Merry Christmas to all. Roll on Easter!
Thu 23-Dec-2010 10:23 - Scotland
Neale Backhouse '46- '51. | neale70~AT~shaw~DOT~ca
I'm almost tempted to report that it was cloudless and sunny in Victoria today but in the cicumstances I might risk "kicking over the hornet's nest."
As I've already suggested to Michael Lawrenson, he should ask for a giant sized snow shovel from the jolly old elf. That's what comes of living in the wilds of Scotland.
A merry Christmas to all Guestbook devotees ( Let's hear it for global warming)
Thu 23-Dec-2010 04:29 - Victoria BC, Canada
Eric Moyse 1946 to 1953 | eric~DOT~moyse~AT~sky~DOT~com
At the risk of causing the correspondence about the Bents Park to drag on, there is currently a Cookson Country item on the Gazette website relating to that very subject. The thrust is that the name may refer to newts, which were once locally called "dragons" -- in our ignorance we called them "lizzies." But I do not suppose that this will end the speculation."
Wed 22-Dec-2010 10:17 - Reading, Berkshire
Alex Patterson, VUA, 1946-51 | alexpatterson~AT~videotron~DOT~ca
I can’t let Neale’s excruciating pun go unaddressed...‘boy with a dragon purview’ indeed...he should be ashamed of himself. You’re playing with fire with puns like that.
On a different topic altogether, we get a TV program here called “Fantasy Homes by the Sea”. This week I was surprised to see a town house for sale, which overlooked the Dragon. All the way from bonny South Shields to Montreal. I was amazed to see the beautiful grass on the pitches; when I was playing football for Smith’s United and the Boy’s Brigade we were happy to have new ash strewn all over the playing surface as well as bits of glass. I see that the council have now proposed new changing facilities, although there was some sort of hut there in the fifties. This house was very well situated overlooking the sea from all three floors and I think it was on Bents Park Road. All I could think of was humping suitcases up three flights of stairs whenever our kids would come to visit. So I decided not to buy it and stay in my bungalow.
I see that you’ve been inundated by bad weather, the sort of weather we usually get. We’ve been lucky so far in that we’ve only had about 15” of snow so far this season, but our scrapers and salters have been out and the roads have been fine. We’re off to Toronto on Thursday to spend Christmas with the whole family. It’s the first time in our 50 years of marriage that we will not be in our own home. But being the adventurers we are, we figured we could try something else for a change. Our youngest daughter was surprised when her baby arrived 16 weeks early weighing in at 1lb 7oz. So we all thought, “ She’s going to be at home...she can make the Christmas dinner” We’ll be spending the New Year there as well, which brings me to this...Merry Christmas to all our readers and a Happy, Healthy and Wealthy New Year.
Regards from a snowy (6 to 7cm) and mild (-6 C) Montreal,
Alex Patterson
Wed 22-Dec-2010 01:09 - Montreal, Canada
Neale | neale70~AT~shaw~DOT~ca
What's needed here is,
"A boy with the dragon purview."
Thu 16-Dec-2010 03:03 - Victoria BC, Canada
Fred Dunmore | duncat~AT~blueyonder~DOT~co~DOT~uk
With regard to the query by George Connett about the origin of the Dragon,not seeing any movement since the original entry, I contacted Janis Blower of the Shields Gazette and she has put an article on the subject on today's "Cookson Country" page.
In a nutshell she says that she is not sure that anyone knows the true reason for the name but she gives two possibilities. One is that it was the name of a large Earth moving machine used in the 19th Century for clearing away the ballast hills from the seafront. The other is that it was named after a lake which was situated not far from where the Sea Hotel is now. Although, why the lake was named the Dragon no one knows.....up to now, that is.
Tue 7-Dec-2010 19:18 - South Shields
Brian Walker | wopsrus~AT~libero~DOT~it
Hello George. Why not write or email Janice Blower at the Gazette? She's got a pretty good track record for unearthing such questions.
Mon 22-Nov-2010 18:14 - Valencia

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