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Neale Backhouse '46- '51. | nealebackh~AT~gmail~DOT~com
Ed on PEI,
I must report that even though "high peeing" at the High School was no longer a common occurence in 1946, caning was still very much the order of the day. I still recall the sting of a well swung bamboo cane, which left four fingers(and sometimes a thumb, if you were unlucky) sore, swollen and tingling for an hour or so. The secret was to appear stoic and unconcerned before the perceptive eyes of fellow classmates, eagerly searching for a tell tale tear. Incredibly some boys(I wasn't one of them) could absorb repeated doses of this torture without flinching and still manage to smile through it all. Oddly enough they were generally good soccer players too.
On another note, Mike, I read in the Mail Online that there is a move in the UK to bring back the GCE O level exams at the expence of the GCSE's. With questions in the latter like "Would you observe the moon through a microscope or a telescope", I'm not surprised! Could the next step, I wonder, be a return to the old grammar school system?
Sun 24-Jun-2012 02:37 - Victoria BC, Canada
Ed. Forster
Changing the subject,I keep hearing a lot about bullying in the schools in the USA & Canada, I can only recall a few cases during my time which was started 82yrs ago, & my memory is a bit hazy. Of course corporal punishment for misbehaving was in full swing then, I recall being whacked only a few times & deserved it. I hope Mike doesn't object to my being a bit rude, the first time was at Cleadon park school when a few of us tearaways were seing who could pee the highest & was caught by the teacher, she gave us all a good whack, never did it again. It was common occurrence at the high school & don't recall any complaints from parents or the kids. I was wondering about what the schools are doing about bullying etc. in the UK today. My mother (me mam) would have given me a clout if I came home & complained about being cained.
Sat 23-Jun-2012 11:25 - Sunny PEI
Bruce Graham | bsgraham~AT~btinternet~DOT~com

Just to (hopefully) wrap up the mysteries of the 1955 6th form.

A long time ago I recounted in the Guestbook the story of how, in September 1953, the Head decided that to try to improve A Level results he wanted to give a small group 3 years in the 6th form. To do this it was decided that the A form of my year (me included) - recently become VLA - should complete the GCE O Level syllabus in just one year. This we did.

So, in the first half of 1955 those of my group who remained would have been in the 6th and were presumably the 6C that you found mentioned in the records. By September 1955 they would have been "real" sixth-formers and called whatever Mr Egner had decided to rename the forms.
Thu 7-Jun-2012 14:22 - Ruskington, Lincolnshire
Bryan Cooper | bryglen~AT~bryancooper~DOT~wanadoo~DOT~co~DOT~uk
I'm fairly certain that the Remove was for those who had done badly at GCE and needed to resit at Christmas. I'm also fairly sure that the photo's were taken in the first term of the year. Thus the Remove's D.O.B. would appear to make them 6th form but they probably disappear from the register in January.
Thu 7-Jun-2012 09:53 - North Wales

From Mike T:   Thanks, Bryan.

That does make a lot of sense.

The date written on the photo albums is June 1956 and the leaving dates for those I'd checked were July 1956 or July 1957. But, prompted by your comment, I've been digging a bit deeper.

I decided to see if the school logbook had dates when photos were taken. Thanks to Egner's detail in the logbook, it confirms that the photos were taken in the first term (on 10th October, 1955, to be precise).

And leaving dates are July 1955, December 1956, July 1957 and July 1958.

So that wraps up the mystery of the Remove, and also means that I can probably put a date to most of the school photos.
Bruce Graham | bsgraham~AT~btinternet~DOT~com

Thanks for jogging my failing memory. Of course it was Robert Tulloch - where the "Ronald" came from I have no idea! I mean, I only spent 4 years with him at Harton Juniors then our years at our school - how could I forget his name!!?

In mitigation, if you compare the likenesses of R Tulloch in the picture of 3A in 1950/51 and the individual in the Remove of 1955 I think you will see why I thought it was he.
Wed 6-Jun-2012 20:15 - Ruskington, Lincolnshire
Bruce Graham | bsgraham~AT~btinternet~DOT~com

I might be able to help a little.

The 1955 photograph labelled Unknown (6th) is either the Remove or the 6C. The person front row, seated, second from left is Ronald Tulloch who was in the "A" form with me throughout my time (remember I left immediately after O Levels to begin an RAF Apprenticeship). The reason I think it might be the Remove is that other than Neville Upton none of the others from my year who stayed on into the 6th form appear in the photograph. But which of the 6th forms the others are in I'm afraid I don't know. Perhaps the Remove was an Egner introduction - it certainly didn't feature in my time and I have no idea how it worked.
Wed 6-Jun-2012 14:23 - Ruskington , Lincolnshire

From Mike T:   Thanks Bruce.

I currently have the school's photo albums, complete with names, which I've been using to do the massive update (while I will upload in stages over the next few months).

You're certainly correct - this "unknown 6th" is actually the Remove.

However, the boy second from the left is named on the school photo as Bayfield, which would be James Bayfield according to the admissions register.

I've been through the admissions records and can only find one "Tulloch". Robert Tulloch joined the school in 1950 and left in early 1955 (before this photo was taken).

He is shown in his first year in 1950/3A (incorrectly as "Roy")

As for the Remove, it could definitely have been an Egner thing as it only seems to have existed for 1955/6 academic year.
Mike Todd
I've started working on getting every school photo from 1955 to the mid 70s on the site (well, except for 1956), and in better quality as far as possible.

1955 is almost complete, but I'm trying to clarify the upper-fifth and the sixth form.

The records show 5B-5F (but no 5A), plus 6C, 6UX, 6UP and REMOVE.

6C appears to be the equivalent of lower sixth, 6UP is prefects and 6UX is the rest of the upper sixth.

But I'm not quite sure about REMOVE. From the school records, the date of entry to the school would make them lower-sixth.

I wondered if anyone who was there in the early/mid 50s could remember how the "remove" worked (there are lots of variations in different schools I've looked at), and if I've got the other details right.
Wed 6-Jun-2012 11:37
Bruce Graham | bsgraham~AT~btinternet~DOT~com

Thanks so much for your update on the 75th anniversary dinner. It sounds like a really good evening.

You have certainly set yourself a huge task to transcribe all of the information that has been uncovered, " Watch this space" you say - we most certainly will and wish you all the best in the task.

There have been suggestions that it may be possible for some old boys to have a look around the "new" school. Organising such events which rapidly become something like the reunion of several years ago is,I know, horrendous but I wonder if it is, or could be, on the radar?

Mon 28-May-2012 20:53 - Ruskington, Lincolnshire

From Mike T:   Yes, it's certainly a huge task. As well as clearing a small backlog of material, the main task at the moment is to scan (or re-scan) the form photos from 1955, and to put definitive names to them.

Most of the admission registers and pupil records have already been digitised, but transcribing them really is a huge job.

Although I hope that the site will benefit, my real thought is to give the school a well-documented archive for genealogical researchers and future generations.

As for looking around the school, I'm expecting there to be an Open Evening event some time in July. It will be open to all, and Old Boys will be welcome of course.

I don't know what decisions have been made yet, but I'm down at the school tomorrow and may know more then.
Garry Craig | garrycraig~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
Is that Mr Fox P.E.? I have just emailed Mike saying I have some pics of the Sking trip to Italy you were in charge of.
Wed 23-May-2012 00:31 - Southampton
Trevor Denham | trevordenham~AT~sky~DOT~com
The 75th Anniversary Dinner was an excellent evening. Looking around the school brought back some very happy memories. A lot of the character of the old building has been retained and complements the new 6th form facility.
Thanks to the old boys who shared the evening and Mike Todd and Tony Eldridge who performed the school song
Thu 17-May-2012 22:52 - South Shields

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