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Neale Backhouse '46- '51. | neale70~AT~shaw~DOT~ca
I certainly remember Malcolm Henderson. One reason would be the unusual length of the relationship (to use the modern vernacular) that he had with Janet Bohill of the Girls High School. They seemed to have been a couple forever. Did they eventually marry I wonder?
Malcolm lived on Kyffin View on Sutton Estate. Other boys from Kyffin View at the school at that time were Bobby Burn, Derek Dewar and Donald Davidson.
Mon 7-Nov-2011 18:56 - Victoria BC, Canada
Bruce Graham | bsgraham~AT~btinternet~DOT~com
I'm sure you are correct about the initials of the third Graham, Neale. Obviously I was certain about my brother, and GG as he lived so close to us, but I wasn't at all sure about the other one.

I might add that when my brother's friends became prefects they showed me absolutely no mercy and I received many sets of "lines" from them for supposed misdemeanours around the school.

There is a final curiosity concerning another member of my brother's Form - Malcolm Henderson who you may remember. As I have mentioned much earlier I left the school straight after O Levels and pursued a career in the Royal Air Force, starting with an Apprenticeship in Electronics. This was at an RAF College in Somerset and I was in my final few weeks before graduation when Malcolm turned up as a National Service Education Officer. He had completed his degreee at Kings in Newcastle and then a BEd post-graduate teaching course. He returned to our School as a teacher in the 1970s and sadly died just a few months before the Reunion held in December 2002.

Small world isn't it?
Mon 7-Nov-2011 16:15 - Ruskinton, Lincolnshire
Neale | neale70~AT~shaw~DOT~ca
On second thoughts early September morning air should read late September(or even early October)
Mon 7-Nov-2011 02:09 - Victoria BC, Canada
Neale Backhouse '46- '51. | neale70~AT~shaw~DOT~ca
Grahams Galore!

I wonder, Bruce, if you are maybe mistaken on the initials of the third Graham in your brother's form.
I recall a Graham DH. better known as Donnie Graham to members of junior rugby teams (under 13 and onwards).
Donnie matured early and was a commanding figure on the under 13 fifteen. I have one of those vivid schoolboy memories of our very first game at that level at Bede Grammar School in Sunderland. I remember the kick off was at 9:30 AM and distinctly remember the keen early September morning air. Donnie was dominant in that game. He scored the only try of the match, collecting the ball at a lineout and rumbling almost the length of the field for the touchdown. Donnie stopped being such a commanding figure in the years that followed as the rest of us began to catch up to his physical stature. Another piece of evidence, concerning the DH initials was an occasion when he showed up in our form room(Doc Skilling's class) and, I suppose because of some earlier indiscretion, was given several swipes, hand held high, from Skilling's razor strop. I clearly remember his embarrassed countenance and the teacher's comment, "You're slipping DH."

Maybe I should stop now and say "Your Witness"
Mon 7-Nov-2011 01:51 - Victoria BC, Canada
Michael Lawrenson 1946 | lawrenson~AT~hollyburn~DOT~plus~DOT~com
Hi Mike

Bruce’s story of the Grahams in the same class has a more modern version. At the end of the sixties I moved to Fife from Shields and, by sheer coincidence, my cousin also moved to this area at about the same time. Both of us had daughters the same age and both daughters were called, again coincidentally, Helen Judith Lawrenson. After separate primary schools they ended up in the same year and same class at Bell Baxter High School. To add to the confusion they were both blondes and their handwriting was similar. I gather their teachers had problems!
Sun 6-Nov-2011 19:48 - Scotland
Bruce Graham | bsgraham~AT~btinternet~DOT~com
The Long Plunge saga continued.

The reference to J Graham as the record holder in the 1948 Atom reminded me of something that those of you who were there in that era - ie immediately post-war - may recall. My brother entered the school in 1945 and left after matriculation in 1950 - the term before I began my odyssey.

His first name was Cecil - a name which he hated, having been given it by our father to honour one of his brothers. When my sibling left school he quickly adoted one of his other given names, Douglas, and remained called by this name for the rest of his life, apart of course by our father!!

The curiosity is that when he entered the school in 1945 there were 3 boys in his year named Graham, all with the same spelling. Not only that, they were all in the 'A' Form of their year. Inevitably, they were known - by classmates and masters - by their initials. My brother was CD (rapidly shortened to Seedy) one of the others was GG (he lived on the Sutton Trust Estate like us) and the other was J but I can't remember his second initial. Unfortunately my brother is no longer with us so I can't ask him.

Now I wonder what the odds are of 3 boys of the same surname passing into the school in the same year, then being placed in the same Form?

Fri 4-Nov-2011 20:22 - Ruskington, Lincolnshire
Eric Moyse 1946 to 1953 | eric~DOT~moyse~AT~sky~DOT~com
Re John Graham, when I was young I was frequently accused of basking in the reflected glory of my brother Alan. How about this then, Long Plunge Champ John Graham is my cousin (well maybe second or third). But does anyone remember the famous fight between him and Skelly Elliot outside the music room? Big Grahamy got caned by Pan Headley I seem to remember but I do not know what happened to Skelly.
Fri 4-Nov-2011 09:55 - Reading, Berkshire raining
Neale Backhouse '46- '51. | neale70~AT~shaw~DOT~ca
Whatever happened to Baby Jane? At last the truth is out. Patterson, the fifth form Lothario, (at a time when all I knew about girls was that they danced backwards),is finally unmasked. Hiding away in Beaconsfield, clubless and memberless, (incidently Alex, wasn't that one from Woody Allen via Groucho Markx?)his libertine past is about to catch up with him! Warm and sunny in Montreal indeed. And I'll have you know that I still use Kodachrome!

A final note to Bruce on "the long plunge." I just checked the 1948 edition of the Atom (thanks to Mike's excellent records) and read that the whale like John Graham (remember him) broke the school record with a plunge of 46 feet. And I remember that was from the end of the pool. This may have been surpassed since but after a quick check through the later editions of the Atom, I'm guessing the record still stands. Cheers.
Thu 3-Nov-2011 03:26 - Victoria BC, Canada
Alex Patterson, VUA, 1946-51 | alexpatterson~AT~videotron~DOT~ca
Hi Mike,
I’ve just been reading Michael’s recent letter about Facebook, and while I’m not a member (why would I join any club that would let me be a member?), I have recently been receiving an e-mail from Facebook telling me “ you have friends waiting to talk to you” Out of curiosity I clicked on the page to find an old faded orangy coloured photograph, Kodachrome or the like, taken perhaps 50 years ago, of a young girl carrying a baby!!! The name that accompanied the photo was not one with which I was familiar nor did the picture look like anyone I may have known.
My 22 year old granddaughter, who is helping to navigate my new Macbook Pro, said, “Hey grand-dude, you old rascal....who’s this then? Do you have a mystery offspring somewhere?” Despite my protestations, she carried on with her imaginative scenario, “Maybe you owe 50 years’ worth of child support, or maybe your new found daughter is planning to visit us!! Whatever you do, don’t reply.”
I assured her I had no intention of replying nor to ever open another e-mail from Facebook again. I don’t want any strange woman with a grown up baby landing on my doorstep!!
However it occurred to me that really we, the contributors to SSGSFB Visitors‘ Book, are members of our own exclusive Facebook, even though we don’t have 1000‘s of ‘friends’, we might have one or two. I’ve often thought I would like to know what happened to all the boys who were in my class at school; what happened to them all, where did they work, how did they get to where they’re living now, whom did they marry, how many children, grandchildren? They could send photos of their schooldays and more recent others to show us how well they have weathered the storm of aging. What do you think Mike?
Regards from a sunny and warm (15 C) Montreal
Alex Patterson

P.S. My granddaughter has just calculated I could be on the hook for $549,120(Canadian) for unpaid child support. (It wasn’t me Sir, It was Backhouse!!)
Thu 3-Nov-2011 00:02 - Montreal, Canada
Michael Lawrenson 1946 | lawrenson~AT~hollyburn~DOT~plus~DOT~com
Hi Mike

Following Neale’s recent entry no one has yet volunteered to admit they have been bullied by the family to embark on Facebook so I’ll put my head above the parapet. Last year on one of her visits my older daughter decided humankind needed to know me and she opened a Facebook account for me. It remained untouched for a very long time but I reckon I can now just about keep ahead with the system. I have had less luck with Twitter. I bravely opened a Twitter account months ago and immediately retreated. About a month later Mr Twitter himself sent me a message saying that I hadn’t done much and that the world was waiting for me. They will have to wait I’m afraid. It’s all beyond me.
Fri 21-Oct-2011 23:34 - Scotland

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