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Alan Coombes | acoombes~AT~comcast~DOT~net
Bryan, my recollection of school uniform is a little different too. I remember short grey trousers in first year and long grey trousers permitted but not compulsory in year two.
I also remember open neck white shirts were permitted in the summer. Dark blue blazers were required in all years as were long grey trousers in years 3 and later. Caps were also required but usually worn 100 yards or less from the gate. Don't remember blue trousers at all, long or short.
Fri 11-Mar-2011 16:08 - Boston MA
Bryan Coopert | bryglen~AT~bryancooper~DOT~wanadoo~DOT~co~DOT~uk
I have just found this posting on Friends Re-united, posted by Keith Bulley, who left in 1973, I think.

"School Uniform

Blue blazers were worn.
Blue shorts and cap had to be worn in the first two years at school. Grey flannel trousers from the third form onwards.
In the summer, sixth formers had the option of wearing straw boaters."

The blue blazers I remember but I thought trousers were to be grey and there was surely no regulation about short trousers in year 2, was there? Straw boaters? Really?

Sun 6-Mar-2011 15:38 - North Wales
Derek Mason | derek~DOT~mason~AT~foodstandards~DOT~gov~DOT~uk
1961 class 3N. We are having a 50th year reunion on the 8th October 2011, this was the register:- Abdul,Bage,Bentham,Carney,Clouston,Dougal, Fairbairne,Frame,Gedling,Harrison,Hewitt,Hunt,Johns
ger,Mullen,Nicholson, Ord,Parker,Pierce,Smith G.D.,Smith W.,Webster,Wittingham.
So come on get in touch,I'm sure any friends of the above will also be welcome to join us (the motley crew)
Sun 20-Feb-2011 06:59 - England
clouston | clouston1~AT~shaw~DOT~ca
Well, I've got one up on you Neale. The truant officer called at my house one evening, and it wasn't about truancy. As far as his appearance, Uriah Heap was his double.
We were "hanging out" one summers evening at the Cleadon Park Seniors school yard , and our ball somehow finished up on the roof. I was the one nominated to reclaim said ball, and shimmied up the drain pipe and retrieved same.
A passing citizen, obviously from the "Sunniside "area reported the incident.
Lord knows how I was tracked down, but I still remember to this day the scene in my home with the Truant Officer acting like C.E.O. of all school properties, and making such a production of a school boy "breaking the law".
Looking back of course , they were only concerned with our safety.
Another memory was "lowering the stand".A rite of passage.
Anyone living at Cleadon Park knew that expession.
Wed 16-Feb-2011 22:46 - Canada
Neale Backhouse '46- '51. | neale70~AT~shaw~DOT~ca
There's a coincidence! Clouston's reference to the truant officer was part of a discussion that Liz and I were having yesterday about things that scared us as children. One was the truant officer, or as we both called him, THE SCHOOLBOARD MAN!! We both agreed that nothing gave us more of the heebie-jeebies than a possible visit from that dark spectre. It must have been our cruel parents who planted the seed for this unreasonable fear in order to keep us inline and in school. And fear it truly was. He appeared in both our imaginations as a ghoulish figure, clad all in black, who walked with a stooping gait, silent and implacable, ready to reap vengeance on any would be truant from school. Maybe if we had actually seen a schoolboard man (has anyone?), the spell may have been broken,but we didn't and it hasn't!
Another unreasonable fear was a home visit from the family doctor. If I happened to be bedridden, my mother would be in a flap, ensuring that all the bedsheets and pillowcases were immaculate and pajamas freshly laundered. She would station herself at the front window awaiting the arrival of the great man in, what was a rare bird on Sutton Estate at that time, his own personal car. Mum would open the door, with much twittering, and he would procede upstairs and stick his giant sized ice lolly stick down my throat and ask for an AHHH!, then procede to tap on my chest with knowledgeable fingers. Finally after confirming his belief in the chances of my continuing existence he would scribble his undecipherable prescription, hand to my adoring mother (him not me) and be off on another mission of mercy.

How things change but how our memories remain intact. Cheers, Neale.
Wed 16-Feb-2011 06:01 - Victoria BC, Canada
clouston chalmers 1941/46 | clouston1~AT~shaw~DOT~ca
What a delight to see how CLEAN South Shields is today.
Google obviously was out on sunny days when they took the pics.
Far cry from our days of pits and shipyards. We didn't need blackout regulations.
If I were looking for a place to bring up my family today, I would certainly consider Shields.
We didn't recognise it at the time, but the parks and beaches , and the road and transport system was second to none.
Trolley buses , tram cars , we had it all . Envirolmental concerns, ahead of the pack.
Wide roads,boulevards with flowers, council housing, what more could you want?
Apart from the truant officer , life was good.
Mon 14-Feb-2011 22:52 - cranbrook bc. canada
Eric Moyse 1946 to 1953 | eric~DOT~moyse~AT~sky~DOT~com
Is there anyone out there who was in Mrs CLarke's class at Cleadon Park that left for secondary education in 1946? There is a possibility of a reunion and if tyou are interested I would be glad to hear from you.
Wed 26-Jan-2011 16:36 - Reading, Berkshire raining
Garry Craig
Hi Mike,
Just come to me the boy Johnson in the photo 1979/80 - 5R is Mark.
Tue 25-Jan-2011 01:08
Alan Coombes | acoombes~AT~comcast~DOT~net
For friends of Brian Coombes (approx SSGTSFB years 1948-1953):
My brother passed away on Jan 15 2011, funeral Wednesday 26 Jan @ 11:00am Sunderland Crematorium.
Mon 24-Jan-2011 16:53 - Boston USA
Bryan Cooper | bryglen~AT~bryancooper~DOT~wanadoo~DOT~co~DOT~uk
On browsing the photographs, as I am wont to do as age increases, I am aware that several boys were expelled/encouraged to leave from my year. Names that spring to mind were Wadge, Graham, Manson, Holmes and McKinley. I remember meeting them all at various times after their leaving and none seemed to suffer too much. I wonder if this was a large number to leave from one intake; the 1956 cohort. Any thoughts?
Wed 12-Jan-2011 23:38 - North Wales

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